Franco catches Spencer running around Carly's. The kid hides under the table as Carly arrives. While Franco tries distracting Carly with kisses, Spencer slips away and calls Britt. They don't get a chance to say much. She decides to head to Carly's and Nikolas insists on tagging along. Meanwhile, Carly wonders what her boyfriend is up to. They talk about Nina and she claims she trusts him with her. However, she suspects that her daughter is hiding something from her. Nikolas and Britt show up at the door. They snub Franco so he exits. As Nikolas questions Carly about his son, Britt heads upstairs and runs into Spencer. They arrange to have her find him in the park. She returns to Nikolas and they leave.

Olivia runs into Kiki outside of Kelly's. They chat about the Alice situation. Liv starts talking about 'accosting Ned' all the time.

Patrick calls Emma to check in on her and Liz in the park. Emma mopes over to Josslyn as she admires Cameron's origami technique. Drake blames herself for Spencer's disappearance. Joss accuses her of being a 'self-centered princess' who enjoyed Spencer and Cameron fighting over her. Emma runs off to tattle to Liz. Joss tells Cam that Spencer is at her place and swears him to secrecy. Liz interrupts with Emma. This leads to the two little girls bickering with the nurse. Liz demands to know what's been going on.

Liz shows up at Carly's. She explains that Cameron claimed Joss was hiding Spencer there. Carly is confused. They find Spencer on the living room floor.

At the hospital, Nina tells Silas that the hospital did the right thing by firing Patrick. She goes on about this but he's glum. He wants to chat with her therapist about her progress but she talks him out of that. Nina wheels down the hall and meets with Franco in his art room. She tells him how good his therapy is and assures him that her husband isn't the jealous type. He admits he used her as an alibi and vaguely explains why. She manages to guess what he's been getting up to with Spencer. Carly pops up as they talk. Back down the hall, Kiki catches up with Silas. He tells her about his break-up with Sam. She thinks they can work things out but he says there is a serious lack of trust. And then there's Nina.

Nikolas and Britt return to Wyndemere. He continues worrying about his son. She convinces him to take a nap while she continues searching. They hug. After she leaves, Liz arrives with Spencer.

Britt heads to the park and waits for Spencer.

Patrick and Sam head to the clinic where Nina was held. They whisper in the corridor. She explains her last trip to the place. He plans to distract some people while she snoops. She has her 'Sabrina' disguise: a pair of glasses. Patrick talks to the clerk about getting a tour. He has to show his ID. Sam flashes Sabrina's. That works. As they take the tour, Sam slips off to the 'bathroom'. Patrick questions his guide about coma patients as Sam tries to hack into a computer. The guide slips off and catches Sam in the act. Meanwhile, Patrick snoops around. He tries to open a locked door without luck. As he gives up, someone opens it from inside.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick makes a surprising discovery.

Sam gets caught snooping.

Carly tells Franco and Nina where Spencer is.

Britt learns why her plan with Spencer went wrong.

Lucas has a proposition for Felix and Brad.   

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