Sam is cleaning up her place and remembering catching Silas with Nina. Patrick shows up and they chat about the fire. The topic turns to her suspicions of Nina. She then fills him in about Nina and Silas swapping spit. Sam wants some 'closure' and thinks they need to find out what Nina has been up to. He wants to help.

Nina wheels around Silas' place. The doctor stumbles out of his room and wonders what happened last night. He vaguely remembers kissing her but doesn't think he drank enough to be plastered. She teases him and asks him to let her help. The doctor recalls Sam walking in. Nina thinks Sam has finally admitted that they belong together. They play strip poker but it's depressing so they switch to the regular kind. She makes a big show of being able to stand.

Nikolas isn't thrilled to see Brad at Wyndemere with Britt. For a moment, it seems like she will confess but she doesn't. The prince is distraught so she hugs him. He mopes away. She beats herself up for what she's doing to him. Brad suggests she 'find' the kid. The doctor doesn't know where he is. She calls Spencer and leaves a message. Nikolas returns.

At Carly's, Spencer spies on Franco while he hacks into her laptop. The kid surprises him and demands to know why he is going after his uncle. Franco recognizes him as the missing kid. Spencer warns him not to call anyone. He twists Franco's fingers and orders him to stop going after Sonny.

Sonny startles Julian at the gallery. When Julian pulls out a gun, Sonny has his two goons disarm him. Corinthos doesn't understand why he wanted to help Ava. Julian explains that his sister has promised him some dirt. He admits he knows all about A.J.'s killing and he's going to get his hands on the evidence. Sonny threatens to put him in a coma or a wheelchair. He orders him to make sure Ava stays in town and says he'll make him pay if anything happens to the baby. Corinthos calls his goons in. They take some art and utter more threats.

At the penthouse, Ava startles Luke by showing up on her brother's teleconference channel. They're surprised to see each other. "Whoever Luke Spencer happened to be before, is not that man anymore," he says. Even though he tried having her killed, she suggests they go into business together. She admits that she has the dirt on Sonny but she wants assurances. He rubs his chin.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick and Sam investigate Nina.

Silas tells Kiki about the state of his relationship with Sam.

Britt and Spencer's original scheme gets derailed.

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