Tracy is at the ELQ office talking to Luke over the phone about what a mistake Michael is making. She tells him how much she misses his snoring and reassures him Michael has no idea what's coming. Alice interrupts, blowing her whistle. Tracy tries to send her to the gym. Alice starts showing her puppets the kids made at camp. The Tracy puppet has fangs. Alice overheard her plotting and thinks that Mr. Luke must have 'sent her around the bend'. She calls Michael.

At the brownstone, Levi and Maxie continue to protest the development so Michael calls the cops. Levi gives Maxie the chance to go but she refuses. They start chanting. Kiki escapes. Michael seems a bit concerned about the body language she was sharing with his brother. Nathan and the cops arrive. After some bickering, Nathan arrests Levi and has him dragged out. Maxie has a fit and gives the detective a shove, telling him that he's a bully. He cuffs her but she squirms so much they get cuffed together.

Dante and his mom are at the hospital waiting on the results from Lulu's procedure. Olivia assures him everything will work out. They discuss Sonny. She still loathes him but will forgive him eventually. Her son tells her that Sonny claimed he messed things up because of Connie. "This excuse stinks like last week's fish fry," she says. They go into Lulu's room. Dante tells her she's his hero. The doctor comes in and informs them that they've repaired Lulu's uterus. She congratulates them. Liv gets maudlin.

Shawn returns to town and stops by Sonny's office. The boss fills him in about the Ava situation and hands him the phone recording. He tells him Ava moved her mother in with her 'bird's nest and a voice like a blender'. The mobster tries to figure out her angle.

At the Corinthos compound, Ava tells Delia that Sonny is planning to kill her. Delia spits up her tea. Her daughter explains about the baby but won't explain the rest. Ava hopes she has some protective instincts. Delia's short in that department but wonders what she can get for helping her. Ava thinks that if she can get the recording, she can go to the cops and Sonny won't have any leverage. She wants her mom to find it. They bicker and Ava begs. Sonny strolls in. "Don't tell me the family reunion has hit the skids," he says sarcastically. He tells them to have fun and heads upstairs. Delia agrees to help.

Sam and Patrick arrive at the hospital and track down Silas. Patrick explains that Silas' car ran him off the road. Sam keeps them calm and explains the evidence to her boyfriend. Silas thought his car was just sideswiped in the garage. Rafe eavesdrops. Patrick demands answers. Kiki strolls in and admits she was supposed to drive the car that night but left it at the apartment. Sam realizes Rafe could have taken it. Silas doubts that. Kiki admits that Rafe hasn't been himself lately and has been stealing money. "It must have been him," Sam concludes.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ned and Alexis wonder if Tracy and Luke are in cahoots.

Nathan and Maxie get into a compromising position.

Alice tells Michael the truth about Tracy, but gets sidelined.

Rafe makes a discovery about Nina.

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