In the park, Carly assures Sonny that Franco will keep his mouth shut. Elsewhere, Rafe meets with his dealer and doesn't have enough cash so he tries begging. The dealer cuts him off.

Ava is at Sonny's feeling antsy when the doorbell rings. "Thank God you're here!" the blond blurts as she answers the door. Moments later, Sonny arrives. Ava introduces him to her mom, Delia. The mobster rolls his eyes. Ava smirks. Delia goes on and on about her life and admits that she is not close to her daughter. She announces that she's moving in to look after her 'baby girl'. Ava sends her off to make herbal tea. "I know what you're up to lady and it ain't gonna work," Sonny says. They bicker and he says that her annoying mom will drive her crazier than him. He can actually leave the house. Her mom returns. After Sonny tells her how much he's going to enjoy having her there, he leaves. Ava shrieks. "He's trying to kill me," she tells her mom. Delia spits out her tea.

Franco shows up at Michael's office at ELQ. Michael doesn't want to talk. Before Franco can explain something about Sonny, Carly interrupts. Michael gets a call and leaves. Carly yelps at Franco. He wants to free her and her son from Sonny. They bicker and she accuses him of feeling threatened. She points out that Michael will hate her when he learns she's been keeping the truth from him. Franco admits he worries about her relationship with Sonny. Carly tells him he has to accept that the other man will always be in her life or they are over. He doesn't understand himself sometimes and asks her for another chance. She makes him promise to keep her secrets quiet. Franco offers to prove how trustworthy he can be. They embrace.

Kiki and shirtless Morgan are stripping the walls of the brownstone. Levi and Maxie arrive. The Aussie wants to stop them from 'ruining Port Charles' through gentrification. Morgan asks them to go. Levi settles in for a sit-in. Maxie joins him. Kiki thinks they are wasting their time and ought to go badger someone at ELQ. Morgan calls his brother over. When Michael arrives, Levi tells him he's to blame. Michael insists the project will be good for the people of Port Charles. He asks him to leave but Levi refuses. Michael threatens to have them arrested. Maxie insists on supporting Levi. The CEO calls the cops.

At the garage, Sam gasps and explains to Patrick that she knows the owner of the car. It's Silas. "I'm gonna kill 'em," says Patrick. Sam makes excuses and says it could be a coincidence. He storms off with her trailing behind.

Silas drives Nina around the hospital in her wheelchair to Rosalie and Travis, the physical therapist. Nina sends Silas away. When the therapist tries to check out her leg, she swats him. He tries explaining what physical therapy is. Nina stands up and kicks the chair. Travis is baffled. Nina explains she's putting on a show for her husband and writes him a check. They work out the details. Meanwhile, Rafe drops in to see Silas and asks to borrow 400 dollars. The doctor wonders why he needs so much. The kid says he's going camping. Silas begins apologizing for 'dropping the ball' and wants to spend more time with him. He gives his nephew a hug and sends him to his office to wait for him to finish his shift. Patrick and Sam arrive. He tells Silas that the evidence they've found leads straight to him.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam puts the crash evidence together.

Ava asks Delia to help protect her from Sonny.

Nathan threatens to arrest Maxie and Levi.

Alice catches Tracy in Michael's office.

Lulu learns if she can carry the embryo.

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