In the park, Maxie frets about being away from Georgie. Levi thinks she should help someone else and the answer is in ELQ - corporations are not people. Maxie defends Edward Quartermaine to Levi but he won’t let up and she finally snaps. Edward wasn’t perfect but he didn’t try to hurt people less powerful than him. Levi moves on and says their riverfront development will run the little guy out of the neighborhood. He wants to put a stop to the project. Meanwhile, Carly tells Sonny she’s there for him whenever he needs her and they embrace. Franco pulls them apart and Sonny barks at Carly to keep her boyfriend on a leash. Sonny doesn’t excuse Franco’s past abuse on his brain tumor and tells Carly he’s the same freak he’s always been. The only reason Franco’s walking around is because Carly cares about him. Franco reminds Sonny he knows his secret, so maybe he shouldn’t mess with him. He wants Sonny to keep his hands off of Carly in exchange for his discretion. Sonny refuses, and Franco stomps off. Sonny wonders why Carly is even with that psycho but she insists he has changed. She’s sure Franco won’t tell anyone who shot AJ.

Michael shows Morgan one of the rehabbed brownstones on the riverfront, and it’s in shambles. Michael thought Morgan could renovate it himself. Morgan is grateful for a place that isn’t with Carly and Franco. Michael’s excited to make this area of town a real neighborhood again. Morgan is proud of him and glad Michael brought him in. Michael heads back to the office and Kiki comes by to check out the place. She wants to get in on it with Morgan even though it would be awkward. Morgan’s glad they are friends again. She tells him she’s worried about her cousin Rafe. He stole money from Sam and she’s worried why he took it. Morgan thinks it’s nice she’s so concerned. Kiki is glad to have family after a life without. Morgan shares how great Michael was to have around growing up. They decide they are family and Morgan asks Kiki to help with the reno. Together they scrape until Levi and Maxie enter. Levi tells them they are there to shut it down.

At ELQ, Tracy sneaks into Michael’s empty office. She calls Luke and tells him she’s in and ready to take Michael down from the inside. She can’t get into the system but is determined to make him look incompetent. She sees a file on the riverfront revitalization project and is intrigued. Michael walks in and Tracy acts like she is reading Luke the riot act. She overdoes it and Michael wants to know what she’s doing there. She has her annulment paperwork for him to watch her sign. He can see everything is above board and welcomes her back to ELQ. Tracy can’t wait to start work and asks to take a look at the riverfront development plans. He hands it over and she dashes off, calling Luke from the elevator. She thinks Michael just handed her the keys to her kingdom. Later, Franco shows up at Michael’s office.

Rafe comes to see Sam but Molly is there instead. Molly tells him she’s with Patrick working on his case and still can’t believe someone would do something like that. Molly wonders if he’s here because of that case. He says it is about something else. Rafe apologizes for how he acted, ratting her and TJ out. He was jealous and hurt and she tells him it was brave to admit that. He remembers how screwed up his life was and she was so nice to him when they met. He thought he loved her for that and apologizes for trying to mess things up with TJ. Molly forgives him as long as he respects she’s with TJ. They talk more about Ric and Rafe can tell he really loved Molly. Rafe decides to talk to Sam later and suddenly leaves.

At the accident site Sam scrapes paint and makes plans to see where the car was repaired. She assumes the person lives within 10 miles since it is a back road, which narrows body shops to just three. Later, Rafe brings flowers to the grave.

Sam and Patrick hit the first service station and the mechanic seems to remember a car coming in like they describe. He can’t give out personal info about his customers, but if she gets a warrant he will get her everything she needs. Patrick tells him about Gabriel’s death so the mechanic pulls up the info and Sam takes a look. She’s shocked.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Franco wants to tell Michael something about the man he calls a father.

Ava is relieved to see someone at her door.

Levi is determined to stop the revitalization from ruining Port Charles.

Rafe asks Silas for a favor.

Patrick demands Sam tell him who owns the car.

Nina smacks someone.

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