Franco visits Obrecht at her office and hands her the egg salad sandwich painting. She’s ecstatic. She and Faison purchased it at the opening. Franco got the painting back from Monica and wants something in return. A job. She’s surprised since he’s such a good artist but he tells her his talent is gone. He wants to be someone again so he won’t disappoint the person he loves. He worries about her ex and Obrecht understands completely. There’s no proof but she knows Anna killed her love. The painting fuels her resolution to avenge his death. She has an idea. Later, Franco agrees to her idea and they shake hands. He’s excited to tell Carly. Later, Obrecht vows to make Anna pay someday.

Sonny chats with Joss as Carly drops her off at Alice’s camp. Carly tells Sonny she promised Franco she would stay away from him. He wonders why Franco would need reassurance and she’s embarrassed to admit she and Franco fought over his jealousy, but she can understand. She and Sonny are friends with a connection. Spencer emerges and tells them about his problems with Emma. He wants to know how to rekindle that old connection they had. Sonny tells Spencer sometimes you have to move on, for your heart and your soul. Carly agrees it could open the door for something better. Despite four marriages, she finally learned how to let Sonny go. Sonny thinks Spencer should give other girls a chance just as Joss runs up. The children clash right away. Still, Spencer follows Joss for a popsicle. Sonny is not sure why Carly is with Franco but he has never needed a friend more. They hug, and Franco sees.

At the accident site, Patrick is skeptical he and Sam will find anything. She thinks being here might jog his memory and asks him to go over the last moments before the crash. He tells her the baby had started to kick, and they stopped at a red light. The light turned green and headlights were heading right at them. He swerved, lost control and crashed. Patrick remembers something, a second crash. Sam finds black paint on a guard rail across the street. She scrapes some and will find where the car might have been fixed.

At Silas’ place, Rafe reads about Gabriel’s death in the Port Charles Press. He thinks about swerving off the road, then taps out a bump of coke on the table. Kiki comes in and he covers it quickly with the paper. She can see something is wrong and he admits he misses Molly. He tells Kiki how nice she was to him when he arrived in town. Molly gave him a chance and he screwed it all up. Kiki tells him he still has Silas and her and Sam. He tells Kiki he stole money from Sam and Kiki wants to help. She can see it’s tearing him up and encourages him to talk to Sam. They hug.

Molly returns to Sam’s and finds Alexis. She doesn’t want to see her unless she’s broken up with Julian but Alexis has news about Ric. She hands Molly his belongings from the police department and Molly asks her to stay while she opens it. They go through it and Molly pulls out something for Elizabeth, his dead phone, his wallet. There is a picture of Molly with Ric. She tears up and Alexis tells Molly how much Ric adored her. Next there is a letter addressed to Molly and she opens it. He wrote it to her from his cell after she told him she believed in him. She cries as she reads his words that distance can’t take her from his heart. He is always and forever with her. Alexis asks Molly to come home but Molly won’t because of Julian. Alexis won’t push but assures Molly she is in her heart. Later, Molly answers the door when Rafe comes by to talk to Sam, determined to tell her what’s going on.

Nathan does one-armed pushups in the living room and Levi enters. Nathan blames him for keeping Georgie from Maxie. Levi taunts Nathan into getting physical and Maxie breaks it up. Nathan is determined to prove Levi called the judge. Maxie and Levi leave when Anna comes by for Nathan. She tells him he can return to duty and hopes he can understand why they did what they did. Nathan makes it his mission to reunite Ric and Molly. Anna asks if things are okay with his roommate and he’s determined to prove he isn’t what he seems.

While doing yoga in the park, Maxie gets teary about missing Georgie’s birthday. She knows it’s not Levi’s fault no matter what Nathan says.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam and Patrick beg someone for help.

Levi wants to put a stop to a project.

Michael overhears Tracy tell someone she is going to take him down from the inside.

Kiki tells Morgan she’s worried about something else.

Rafe has something to say to Molly.

Franco warns Sonny not to mess with him since he knows his secret too.

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