Michael visits Sonny at home. Morgan told him Ava moved in and he is upset about that and Franco moving in with Carly. Michael knows something deeper is at play or Sonny would never have hurt Morgan and Olivia. He promises Sonny he can handle it. Sonny is touched. Michael left a lot unsaid with AJ and won’t make the same mistake with Sonny. Sonny will never be alone because he will always have Michael. They hug. Michael hands him a belated Father’s Day gift and they talk about Michael’s Riverfront project. Sonny is proud of him.

At Carly’s, Joss sprays shaving cream on Franco’s hand while he sleeps, then tickles his nose and films his reaction. She laughs but he doesn’t think it’s so funny. She dashes off as Carly enters and asks if he’s still mad about Sonny. She tells Franco she shares an unbreakable bond with Sonny but they are just friends. He wonders if she ever crossed the line and she tells him it was a long time ago. She knows better now. This is new territory for Franco and he’s scared. They kiss. Joss interrupts and tells them she’s late for camp. Carly suggest Franco take her and Joss calls him lazy. Franco agrees and wants to look for a job instead. He promises not to let anyone tear them apart.

At the park, Nik grabs Spencer back from cutting in line at Alice’s camp but he is insistent he gets in a dance class with Emma. Cam arrives and they both get in the back of the line while Nik chats Liz up. He wants to use his pull to get her back on staff at General Hospital. She agrees. Meanwhile, Emma asks Patrick why they had to lose Gabriel. He hopes Sam can find out. Emma joins Spencer and Cam and Spencer tells Emma he’s sorry about her brother. He gives her $100 for a Gabriel Fund to send more kids to camp. Emma tells Spencer she can only have one soul mate and Cam gets her. Spencer calls Sonny for help. Meanwhile, Patrick tells Liz that Sam is looking into the accident and she hopes he gets his answers. Later, Carly calls Franco when she arrives and wishes him luck. He apologizes for being cranky and she tells him she has decided to steer clear of Sonny. Just then Sonny arrives.

At home, Sam goes over the evidence in the case. She checks her phone but there are no voicemails or missed calls. Alexis arrives and Sam had hoped it was Silas. She isn’t angry with Silas or Nina, she’s angry with herself for not being patient. Sam wonders if it will always be something with Nina and tells Alexis about her theory that Nina fell on purpose. She won’t tell Silas for fear of coming off as possessive and insecure. She has to go meet Patrick anyway about who ran them off the road. Alexis asks to stay and wait for Molly.

At Silas’, Nina rolls out of the bedroom and asks Silas to join her and Rosalie for breakfast. Rosalie gives Silas a hard time for not giving Nina the attention she deserves. Nina tries to defuse the situation and defends Sam to Rosalie. Silas tells Nina she’s coming with him for physical therapy. She has plenty of excuses but he’s insistent. He leaves to bring the car around and Nina rages to Rosalie - the idea is to make Silas miserable, not her! Nina tells Rosalie to put on her thinking cap before Silas ruins everything.

At the hospital, Dr. Obrecht seats Britt in a chair for a powerpoint presentation titled “How To Recapture A Cassadine.” Britt may have stolen his sister’s child, but time heals all wounds. The bigger challenge is Liz. “The nurse must be neutralized,” Obrecht says. Britt won’t hurt Liz and Obrecht tells her it’s just a last resort. She wants Britt to use her sex. Nik arrives and asks Obrecht if Liz can be back on staff. Obrecht won’t be persuaded but gives Britt a look. Britt threatens to turn on Obrecht and make Nathan do the same if she doesn’t and Obrecht agrees. Nik thanks Britt before slipping into the elevator. Obrecht tells Britt now Liz is at her mercy. Next, she pulls up a picture of Spencer. Meanwhile, Sam arrives looking for Patrick and runs into Silas and Nina instead. Silas tells Sam about the therapy and Nina apologizes for cutting their date short. She begs Sam to forgive her. Sam makes a comment about the nurse who left her alone and Rosalie snaps at her. Silas and Nina leave for therapy as Patrick walks up. They leave to go to the scene of the accident.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly tells Sonny she promised Franco to stay away from him.

Franco asks Obrecht for a job.

Nathan insists to Maxie that Levi is the reason she can’t see her daughter.

Alexis confronts Molly.

Kiki thinks she knows what’s bothering Rafe.

Patrick remembers something at the accident site.

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