From the doctor's apartment, Nina calls Silas to interrupt his date with Sam. She lies and says she's fallen and can't get up. He offers to run back. Nina assures Rosalie that Silas won't find out they are in cahoots and sends her out with orders. She kicks over her chair and poses on the floor. Silas arrives. She cries as he helps her up. While she's whimpering, he notices the broken plaque.

Franco and Carly are chatting in her living room. He accuses her of 'playing house' with Sonny. They bicker about it. He wonders if she's having second thoughts about him living there. She explains that she needs to keep a lid on Sonny to keep the truth from Michael. He wonders if she's upset about Ava sleeping with Sonny and accuses her of putting Sonny first. Carly insists her bond with Sonny is not romantic. "You really are the jealous type," she says. As she repeats that Sonny does not come first, the mobster starts calling her phone.

Nathan goes to the Floating Rib for a drink. He tells Mac that the hearing was held early and Maxie lost custody. The cop blames himself and explains why. Mac appreciates what he's done and heads off to call her. Rosalie sits down beside Nathan and complains about the lack of service. He offers her his drink. She swigs it down and sashays out. Mac returns to gripe with Nathan about Levi. The cop tells him about his suspicions and then has to calm Mac down. Later, Franco shows up. He and Mac discuss Sonny. Mac says that he's like a drug to women and they can't shake him. Franco needs a drink.

Rosalie returns to Silas' apartment. He's livid that she's late. Rosalie begins lecturing the doctor for going out a date and leaving his wife at home. Silas look glum. Nina makes the nurse apologize and wheel her off to bed. As Sam calls the doctor, Nina sits in her room and gets crazy eyed as she reads over her revenge list.

Maxie arrives at home and calls out for Nathan. Levi comes in and tries to comfort her. She wonders how the judge figured out Nathan was lying. Mac calls to say that they still have options. She wants to sleep. When she gets off the phone, Levi tells her that Nathan blamed him for everything. As he defends himself, he remembers actually placing a call to the judge. When Nathan gets to the door, Maxie tears into him for what he said to Levi. She storms off to bed. "G'night mate," Levi smugly says before following her.

At Sonny's, he forbids Ava to have a glass of wine. She threatens to make a martini. He knocks the glass out of her hand. Ava reminds him that he'll be raising the baby with any abnormalities it may have. He thinks she's sick. The mobster is going to have all the alcohol removed from the house. "I'll just have to find another way to torture you," she says. Once she heads to bed, he calls Carly to vent. She promises they will get through this together. Meanwhile, Ava calls someone and tells them they need to reconnect.

Patrick finds Sam sitting alone in the park. He was just at Gabriel's grave. The doctor needs a distraction and offers to listen to her problems. She takes out the remaining wine and fills him in on the Nina situation. Sam suspects that the other woman ruined her date on purpose. He assumes she's on to something. They discuss where she is on the accident investigation. She's planning to look for more clues tomorrow. He wants to help.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Michael is not happy with Sonny's living situation.

Spencer enlists Sonny's help with his romantic problems.

Josslyn suggests that Franco seek out a new job opportunity.

Obrecht has a new plan for Britt to win back Nikolas.

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