Nina gets out of her wheelchair at Silas'. She flashes back to trashing his apartment and smashes the plaque she gave him. Her nurse, Rosalie, shows up and tries to pretend she doesn't know Nina can walk. Nina informs her that they're alone. Silas is out 'on a date with his w****'. She rants about losing her husband to 'four and a half feet of panting cleavage'. "He doesn't know who his true enemy is," she says, leaping around the room. Rosalie is unimpressed. Nina continues to rail about Sam and how doomed that relationship is. She's determined to get payback and starts writing a list of people to punish. Her mom, Silas, Sam and Ava and her daughter make the list. Rosalie thinks this is over the top so Nina threatens to put her on the list.

Silas and Sam have a picnic in the park since he couldn't get them a table at the restaurant of his choice. He has dinner delivered. They eat and drink wine. She notices him looking at her ring. He admits he wants them to get passed their ghosts. It bothers him that she's still wearing the ring. Sam offers to take it off. She'll always love Jason but Silas is her future. She slips off the ring. As they kiss, he gets a call from Nina, claiming that she's fallen and can't get up.

Ava is startled to find Carly sitting in Sonny's living room. Ava complains about being held captive. Carly tells her that her death has been in the cards for awhile. Ava fondles a letter opener and they bicker. She prods Carly about her Sonny obsession and leaving Franco alone. Sonny arrives with some pizza. Carly wants it so Ava grabs it and heads upstairs. The mobster assures Carly that Ava will not get to him. She hugs him and heads out. Ava comes back downstairs to bicker.

Franco is unpacking his stuff at Carly's. Josslyn plays with his crowbar so he takes it away. She tells him he's no fun. "I used to be fun but everyone complained," he says. The kid needles him about Carly being with Sonny. She tries calling her mom so he grabs her phone and calls Kiki over. She arrives with a sticker book. That keeps the kid happy. Franco complains about how much Joss hates him. They ponder the Ava and Sonny relationship. Kiki guesses he knows something. He doesn't explain. She wonders if he's jealous of Sonny. He hopes he doesn't have anything to worry about. After Kiki departs, Carly returns and sends her daughter to bed. Franco wonders what took her so long.

At the courthouse, Nathan and Levi bicker about who is to blame for Maxie losing her case. The cop accuses him of tipping the judge off about his lies. Levi defends himself. Nathan doesn't buy it. The Aussie tells him he could never prove he said anything.

Maxie shows up at Lulu's to tell her she's lost her bid for access to Georgie. Maxie explains it's because Nathan lied for her. She unpacks the whole story and wonders why the judge was so suspicious of Nathan. Lulu lets her hold Rocco. Maxie tells her that the cop has talked her out of listening to Levi. She wishes her roommates got along better.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly's bond with Sonny makes Franco jealous.

Ava taunts Sonny about her baby.

Silas rushes off to help Nina.

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