At ELQ, Tracy informs Kiki and Michael that her husband is not the man she thought he was. She caught Luke getting deep tissue massage from some twins and told him to take a hike. He left for some debauchery in Amsterdam. She apologizes to Michael for being terrible to him and Ned. Kiki forgives her. Tracy keeps apologizing to Michael and asks if she can come back to work. Michael is reluctant but Tracy explains she's getting her marriage annulled and offers to take any job. Eventually Michael agrees that she can come back. Kiki starts pulling faces. When she gets in the corridor, Tracy tells her father's portrait that she will make him proud. She gets a call from Luke and tells him their plan has worked like a charm.

Anna is at the gallery filling Jordan in about her plan involving Ric. She's eager to get Julian and his boss behind bars. Jordan doesn't think that's going to be easy. TJ shows up so Anna departs. He urges his mom to make a clean break from Julian immediately. She can't. He walks away disappointed.

At the courthouse, Nathan is looking uncomfortable in the witness box as the judge tells him about the penalties for perjury. Levi suddenly leaps up, much to Diane's consternation, and talks about what a great humanitarian Maxie is. He asks that Nathan be allowed to stand down and Maxie see her baby. The judge ignores this and asks Nathan again if he lied. Then Maxie leaps up and proclaims that she's the one who lied. She saw the notice and chose not to attend. Maxie admits that she was terrified of what the outcome would be but now she thinks her daughter deserves to have her around. She's done a lot of growing up and continues to become a better person. She begs for a chance to be part of her daughter's life.

Julian is outside of Alexis' place, talking to his boss on the phone. Inside, Molly rails at her mom for dating the man who framed her father. She's determined to move in with Sam. Her mom begs her to re-think. Molly storms out and past Julian. Alexis joins Julian on the porch and tells him how much her daughter blames him. He wonders if she should break up with him but Alexis refuses to. Anna shows up as Julian leaves. The cop drops off Ric's possessions from custody and tells Alexis that her continued involvement with Julian is a bad idea.

At Silas', Nina encourages him and Sam to go out. As he walks her to the door, the doctor assures Sam that she is his priority. He's missed her. They make dinner plans. Nina eavesdrops. Once Sam is gone, Nina talks about how great his taste in women is. He senses some tension between her and his girlfriend. She mentions Sam was talking about how much she loves Jason. "Does it bother you that she still wears her wedding ring?" she probes.

Molly shows up at Sam's. She rants about her mom and Julian. Sam is reluctant to let her stay so Molly warns her other option to stay with Carly and that will cause 'Mom-Carly-Armageddon'. Sam caves.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Maxie learns the judge's ruling.

Nina questions Silas about Sam.

Lulu shares her choice with Dante.

Jordan begs Julian to reveal his boss.

Anna warns Alexis about her relationship with Julian.

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