Morgan drops by Carly's to tell her he's moving out. He tells her to keep 'playing house' with Franco just like Sonny is with Ava. He has to explain that last detail. After Morgan walks out, Carly wants to run off and see Sonny. Franco tries to talk her out of that but she feels responsible. After she leaves, Morgan pops up again. Franco tells him how much Carly is worried about him. He asks him to stay for her sake. Morgan won't and tells him he should be worried about his mom running off to Sonny.

At ELQ, Michael and Kiki try to understand why Sonny moved Ava in. They talk about how great his dad has been since AJ died. He explains that he's got his brother a place to live, Bobbie's old brownstone. She stops him from calling Jax about Franco moving in with Carly. Kiki asks him to get her a place to live too. They start making out. Tracy waltzes in. "I see the new CEO of ELQ is getting loads of work done," she says.

At home, Sonny is sorting through his boxes. Dante shows up to pay his condolences about Ric. Then he changes the topic. "How could you do this to my mother," he asks, confronting him about the Ava situation. Sonny doesn't want to explain but Dante demands answers. He lectures him for ruining Liv and Morgan's lives. Sonny finally blurts out, "It's because of Connie!" The cop needs more of an explanation. As he prods, Carly shows up. She tries to cover for Sonny. Dante thinks she's full of 'garbage' and walks out. She's appalled Sonny almost told the truth. Having Ava live there wasn't a great choice either. She doubts he can handle this for months. He can't let Michael find out the truth. "Ava's not going to win," she says, promising to support him every step of the way.

Olivia and Lulu are in the park with the baby. Liv talks about the christening. Lulu remembers the last one. She's come to accept that Georgie belongs with Maxie. They discuss the Sonny situation. "It is what it is," Liv muses. She changes the topic to Lulu's doctor's appointment. Olivia advises her not to give up without a fight. Dante arrives and his wife tells him that she's prepared to get the procedure if he'll support her.

Maxie is at the courthouse tying to keep calm. Nathan shows up. He's part of her hearing. They talk about his fight with Levi. He's evasive. Levi Dunkleman jogs in and Diane is soon to follow. The hearing commences. The judge announces that he has reason to believe Nathan lied at the last hearing and assumes Maxie did too. The cop defends her. The judge asks him to speak under oath. "Swear me in," says Nathan. Maxie is uncomfortable with this.

Silas arrives at home and finds Nina and Sam together. Nina says Sam has a problem with her staying there. She keeps putting words in Sam's mouth. Nina leaves them alone to talk. Silas wonders what Sam was trying to do. She was just trying to clear the air. They argue about him not including her in his decision making. The doctor asks her if she could turn her back on Jason if he came back. She's okay with Nina being part of the package for now. Nina wheels back in and Silas informs her that he is taking Sam out tonight.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Alexis tries to explain her relationship with Julian to Molly.

Luke pressures Julian to get back to work.

Anna pressures Jordan to bring down the Jeromes.

Silas wonders if Sam is really over Jason.

Tracy has a trick up her sleeve.

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