Sonny finds Julian in the park. Julian pays his condolences and says he was only following Ric's orders. His word means nothing to Sonny. If it wasn't for Sam, he'd kill him. They bicker. "I'm not even your true enemy!" Julian blurts out. Sonny wonders who is. The topic changes to Ava and Corinthos orders him to stay away from her. He utters another threat and leaves.

Kiki visits her mom at Sonny's. She lectures Ava for breaking Morgan's heart. News of the pregnancy makes Kiki feel like she's on "The Twilight Zone." Ava says she had no choice about any of this. Julian tried to kill her and she needed protection. Kiki worries there was some 'incestuous jealousy thing' so her mom vaguely explains what happened. Sure that her mom has a secret agenda, Kiki demands more information. Ava's not helpful so her daughter stomps out. Later, Sonny arrives and grouchily heads upstairs while she reads about Nina.

Morgan drops by his brother's office at ELQ. He tells him Franco is moving in with their mom. Morgan can't understand this. Michael says there's no point in fighting with their mom. His brother fills him in about Ava living with Sonny and the pregnancy. Morgan blames himself. Michael tries to talk him out of that. His brother complains about having no job and living with his mom. That gives Michael an idea. Later, Kiki shows up. She and Michael recap the Ava situation. They wonder what she and Sonny are hiding.

Franco and his art are moving into Carly's. She's amazed there's so much of it. He wonders if she's having second thoughts about this. She assures him she's not and thinks they should unpack. "Over my dead body!" Josslyn interjects. Franco doesn't understand. She thinks he's a psycho. Her mom defends him and insists they'll have lots of fun. He offers Josslyn his giant tennis racket so she kicks him in the shin. She stomps on his foot and runs. Her mom yells at her. Franco starts to think that moving in may not be a good idea but Carly assures him everything will be fine. After she talks to her daughter, she repeats that all will be fine. Morgan drifts in and informs them that he's moving out.

At the hospital, Silas tells Nathan that Nina knows about him and Sam. The cop is trying to sort out his sister's finances. The doctor explains that he'll look after her for now. Nathan wonders how Sam is handling that. Silas assures him that he has no plans to hurt Nina.

Nina is at Silas' staring at their wedding photo. Sam arrives. "I've been expecting you," says Nina. She apologizes for turning her life upside-down. Sam is more worried about her. They try to get over the awkwardness. Nina claims that all of her fantasies about Silas are gone and she has no claim on him. She begins complaining about her mom. Sam wonders if she has anywhere else to go. Nina notices Sam is still wearing her wedding ring. Sam wonders how she would react if Jason came back to life. "When you love someone, you never want to let him go," Nina says. Silas walks in and wonders what is going on. "I think Sam has a problem with me living here," Nina explains.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Silas is startled by Sam's actions.

Michael announces ELQ's newest project.

Lulu tries to make up her mind.

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