At home, Felix frets over his tie. Sabrina thanks him for picking out her funeral outfit. Juan arrives. He wishes he'd met his little cousin and tells her she doesn't have to say goodbye alone. She needs a second to pull herself together.

Sonny barges into Anna's office and demands some answers about Ric's killing. She assures him Nathan's behavior was above reproach. He wants to know if his brother might have been framed. They bicker. He doesn't think Duke needs to hold up his end of the deal with her since she isn't holding up hers. They bicker about that and he strolls out.

At Silas', he prepares to leave for work. Nina is upset. She found their old wedding photo. "I'm never going to find that kind of happiness again," she says. He assures her that they still have a relationship: they're friends. After he leaves, Rafe stumbles out of his room. She notices he has something on his nose and guesses it's cocaine. "Listen lady, you're wrong," he says. She doesn't buy it. He claims it's not a problem... besides, his life is already ruined. They talk about how hard it is to lose the person you love to someone else. He promises to finish with drugs, hands her his coke and begs for her silence. Nina agrees and he runs off.

Liz is at the hospital picking up her last paycheck. Sam pays her condolences about Ric. Later, she spots Silas. He says that he's told Nina about them and she said she wouldn't stand in their way. Sam feels bad about it anyway. She's startled when he explains Nina is staying with him since she's broke. He feels responsible for her. Sam needs to think about this.

Patrick is at the church thinking about his dead baby. Maxie arrives and gives him a hug. She brings up Robin and he says the marriage is over. Liz arrives with Scorpio the koala. Emma wanted Gabriel to have it. Juan and Sabrina arrive. She apologizes to Patrick for yesterday. He says they just need to move on. She might go to Puerto Rico with Juan for awhile. He thinks that's a good idea.

Shirtless Nathan is jogging in the park. Levi breaks away from his meditation to taunt him about being a murderer. The cop tells him he's contradicting what he told Maxie yesterday. They get territorial. Levi accuses him of wanting more than Maxie's friendship. He tells him to step away from his 'sublime Sheila'. "Maxie ate my meat and she liked it," Nathan taunts. Levi punches him to the ground. Maxie arrives and shrieks. The Aussie apologizes. Maxie confesses she ate ribs and wonders what they were arguing about. She drags her boyfriend off to the service. Elsewhere, Julian complains to Luke over the phone about the Ric situation. He worries about how many more people have to die. Duke shows up and gets threatening. Julian tells him to end the feud and move on. Determined, Duke still wants revenge and storms off. Later, Sonny shows up and corners Julian.

Back at the church, Epiphany sings "Amazing Grace." Rafe arrives but stays at the back. The parents put the koala on the coffin. After the funeral, Levi apologizes to Maxie for being an ass. She hopes that he and Nathan can learn to get along. Meanwhile, Duke and Anna talk about when they lost their child and wonder about what could have been. He won't stand for Julian walking free. And Sabrina says goodbye to Patrick before leaving with Juan.

Nathan drops by the hospital to talk to Silas about Nina. The doctor says he only wants to be friends with her and has told her about Sam.

Sam goes to Silas' to see Nina.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Julian and Sonny discuss the situation with the mob war.

Kiki and Morgan wonder what Sonny and Ava are hiding.

Josslyn isn't thrilled when Franco moves in.

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