At Silas', he explains to Nina that he is seeing Sam. Nina is mortified but doesn't blame him for moving on. She asks if he loves the other woman. He tells Nina that he loved her when he was with Ava and spent twenty years pushing away all other women. He was even cold to Sam for a long time but eventually admitted he had feelings for her. Nina's happy for him. Silas admits that he realized he loved Sam only when Madeline told him that Nina was dead. She wishes she'd called him earlier and blames her mom for everything. They're chance is gone so she decides to go and live with Nathan. She doesn't understand how cell phones work so she can't call him. The doctor tells her she can stay there. Nina doesn't think that's fair to Sam but he barks that his mind is made up.

At the station, Diane orders Anne to let Molly see Ric. Shots ring out. Everyone drops and Anna rushes off. Molly worries someone's tried to kill her dad. Liz worries it's the person framing Ric. Anna returns and explains that there was a struggle and Nathan had to shoot Ric. He's dead. The cop pays her condolences. Molly runs off with Liz. They see Nathan with a bodybag. "Daddy why?" Molly cries. Anna puts Nathan on administrative leave. Liz tries comforting Molly. Ann follows the body bag as its wheeled into the morgue. Once she's alone, she opens it. Ric opens his eyes.

In the park, Sam tries reassuring Rafe about her messed up love life. They talk about Patrick's dead baby. Rafe's shocked. He looks uncomfortable as she blames the driver who caused the accident. She notices that he's taking this hard and assures him she's made it her mission to find the driver. The cops are clueless so she's doing it. Meanwhile, Maxie and Levi are doing yoga. He notices she's distracted. She's kicking herself for avoiding Patrick when his baby was dying. Maxie talks about how unfair it is. Levis says it's sad but that's how the universe planned it. She thinks that's a crock and this is senseless. He thinks she sounds like Nathan and walks off. As Maxie takes a walk, she finds Nathan sitting on a bench, looking upset.

Patrick drops by Sabrina's and catches her in her wedding dress. She freaks out and makes him close his eyes while she puts on a robe. He keeps his distance as she rambles, confused about the black dress Felix brought her. Eventually he stops her and explains the dress is for the funeral. She continues babbling about their wedding and insisting that no one has died. "Our baby died," he says. She's in denial. He recaps the past year but she refuses to accept that happened. Patrick tells her about the death in detail. She breaks into tears and begs him to bring their baby back. He can't.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Anna reveals her new plan to bring down the mob.

Brad, Lucas and Felix are caught in an awkward moment.

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