At home, Sabrina barely notices Felix come in, engrossed in writing thank you notes. He tells her no one is expecting her to do that and she is almost offended to think people are concerned about her. Felix bought a dress for her to wear to the service. She hugs him and knows tomorrow is going to be just perfect. She asks him to go to the church and make sure it looks good and he reluctantly leaves. She opens the box and freaks out over the black dress. "This is wrong!" she cries.

At home, Patrick tells his father over the phone about the baby. Later, Sam comes by. He shares how hard it was to tell Emma her baby brother died. Sam was in shock when her daughter was stillborn and having someone to take it out on helped. Patrick believes the person who drove them off the road is at fault but the PCPD is too busy. Sam says she’ll do it. He thinks about accusing Robin of choosing Jason over him and tells Sam she’s been a better friend to him than he’s been to her. Felix comes by and tells Patrick he can’t put his finger on it but something is wrong with Sabrina.

Outside his apartment, Silas leaves a voicemail for Sam saying he’s about tell Nina about them. Inside he finds Nathan and Nina catching up. Nina now knows Nathan is not really her brother and that her own mother drugged her to cause the miscarriage. Nathan leaves. She tells Silas how Madeline showed up the day she was going to tell him about the baby with pictures of him with Ava. It didn’t matter because she loved him and knew they could work through it. If only Nina had kept her mouth shut they would have a child and 20 years of memories. He promises none of it is her fault. She reminisces about his residency and asks if they still have health food stores. She wants to shop with him but doesn’t want him wheeling her around in public. She wants to take care of him. All of her money is in limbo so she feels lucky to have a husband who honors the vows they took - in sickness and in health, richer or poorer, till death do they part. She kisses him but he breaks away. He tells her there’s someone else.

Rafe does a line of coke in the park, and is caught by TJ. TJ thinks ratting him out would serve him right for telling Molly’s mom when they were going to have sex. Rafe taunts TJ about his mom. It all makes sense to Rafe now why TJ got further with Molly since they are all in the family business. Rafe punches TJ. TJ taunts Rafe about his serial killer dad before leaving. Later, Sam runs into Rafe and he asks what’s happening with her and Silas. She hopes she and Silas will still be together after Nina is back on her feet. Rafe wonders why she seems so down and she tells him she just came from seeing Patrick. Rafe is shocked to hear the baby died.

Molly meets up with Diane at the station and Liz tells Molly they are all in it together. Nathan shows up much to Diane’s delight. She asks if Liz can see Ric. Nathan leaves to see what he can do. Liz worries that Ric will think she abandoned him and Molly promise to tell him if she can’t. Meanwhile, Anna visits Ric in his cell. She tells him Julian is framing him, but she can’t release him because of the evidence. She can’t throw it out or it will alert Julian’s boss, and that could put Molly’s life in danger. Ric doesn’t want anything to happen to Liz or Molly, but he wants them to know he’s innocent. He begs for Molly and Liz to know the truth and asks Anna to help him. Anna leaves and Nathan arrives to take him to the courthouse. Ric eyes Nathan’s gun. Anna goes upstairs and tells Liz and Molly they can talk to Ric at the courthouse. Suddenly they hear a gunshot.

Lulu and Dante meet their doctor at General Hospital to see if carrying a baby is possible. She tells Lulu she may have been misdiagnosed with a similar looking condition that can be corrected. If so, it would be possible for Lulu to carry the baby. Later, Lulu is ready to have the procedure. Dante wants this for them, but is afraid it might not ever happen. He suggests thinking about it for a bit.

Patrick enters Sabrina’s apartment and she turns around in full wedding dress and veil. “Well, what do you think?” she asks.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nina wants to know who Silas is seeing,

Sam tells Rafe she has made it her mission to find out who is responsible for Patrick’s car accident.

Maxie is miffed with Levi.

Sabrina assures Patrick that she’s never been happier than she is right now.

Liz, Molly and Diane want Anna to tell them what happened.

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