At Kelly’s, Sam tells a shocked Nathan about Nina’s arrival at Danny’s party. She seemed fine other than being in a wheelchair, and spent the night with Silas.

Fake Luke calls Julian from paradise and tells him he was worried he was going to have to go after Julian’s daughter next. Tracy knocks the phone out of Luke’s hand and tells him no cell phones on their honeymoon. After she leaves Luke tells Julian to get back to work. Julian thinks the bust makes it a bad idea but Luke pushes him to round up another crew with Jordan and use his immunity to move the product again. Julian agrees. Luke is looking forward to an hour alone with a hot masseuse when Tracy appears and tells him she snagged the last couples’ massage.

Jordan covertly meets with Ava in the park to discuss Ric since the higher ups want to make sure they have the right person. Anna thinks the case is iron-clad. The public thinks the PCPD botched the investigation and Anna wants to set the record straight. Anna wants to know how TJ feels about his mom being a drug dealer and Jordan admits she hasn’t seen him since she was released. Anna knows what it feels like to have her family think the worst of her and wonders why Jordan hasn’t told TJ the truth yet. Anna knows her daughter still carries the scars from her choices. Later, Jordan leaves a voicemail for TJ. Julian shows up and tells Jordan their boss wants them back to work. She’s confused because Ric is in jail. He tells her it isn’t Ric.

At home, Silas introduces Nina to Kiki, his daughter with Ava who he didn’t know existed until recently. Nina comments that she was supposed to have his child and Kiki excuses herself. Nina learned about the miscarriage when she woke up and is devastated. Silas apologizes for hurting her. Nathan arrives and introduces himself as James. She’s ecstatic! Kiki dashes out and Silas follows to give Nina a chance to catch up with Nathan. Out in the hall, Kiki asks Silas what this means for him and Sam. Inside, Nina’s impressed with how handsome Nathan has become and asks what he has grown up to be. He tells her he is a police detective and has been working her case. He breaks the news that her coma was no accident – it was Madeline who spent his whole childhood blaming Silas. Madeline wanted her to have a miscarriage, afraid the baby would tie her to Silas forever. Nina is devastated. She knows people are keeping things from her. Nathan tells her Madeline is not his mother, he was adopted from Nina’s aunt. Nina has lost so many things and makes him agree they will always be brother and sister. She can’t believe so much as changed but there is one thing she knows for sure – she loves Silas and she’ll never let him go.

At Sonny’s, Ava tells Morgan she’s moving in with Sonny temporarily. Sonny says Julian is still after her and she needs protection. Morgan doesn’t believe them. He tells Ava to move in him instead but Sonny points out Morgan lives with his mom. Morgan grabs Ava and tells her to leave with him right now. He came here to tell Sonny he still wanted Ava, but now he doesn’t want any part if it anymore. He leaves and she cries. She didn’t want Morgan to find out the way he did and wished she could have lived at the penthouse with him. No way was Sonny going to let that continue. He tells Ava she will be there for the rest of her life, and if Morgan knew what she did he would not have anything to do with her. She doesn’t know that so Sonny hands her a phone and tells her to call Morgan and tell him what she did. She suggests calling Michael instead and telling him that Sonny shot AJ. Sonny knows she won’t do it.

Silas visits Sam at her place and tells her how overwhelmed Nina is feeling and he admits he hasn’t told her about them yet. Silas had finally put the past behind him. Sam tells him everything is different now and he must feel something for Nina. He tells Sam she’s the one he wants to be with and everything will work out. Sam wants to believe that and he kisses her.

Morgan tells Kiki at Michael’s apartment that he had decided he could get past Ava’s betrayal and be with her and the baby. But then he found Ava moving in to Sonny’s. He’s sure they mean more to each other than they are saying. Kiki hugs him.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Duke accuses Anna of making her choice, and not choosing them.

Britt is not happy to see Nik hugging Liz.

Julian tells Jordan that Ric Lansing is not the man he answers to.

Molly asks Alexis why she doesn’t want her to see her father.

Ric swears to Sonny he is being set up.

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