By the pier, Morgan considers Ava’s words about getting back together. Sonny catches up, determined to talk. Sonny knows this is messed up and Morgan considers that a huge understatement. Morgan wants to know why Ava told Sonny first. He accuses Sonny of visiting Ava on the island to be with her but Sonny says he just had to talk to her. All Morgan needs to know is Sonny hates the situation and hates himself for what he did. Morgan tells Sonny that makes two of them and they are done for good.

At the hospital, Ava accuses Carly of being jealous, thinking she has a cosmic bond with Sonny because she had his baby. Now she’ll have to share. Carly reminds Ava she’d be dead if it weren’t for the baby and reveals she’s the one who gave AJ’s recording to Sonny. Carly even had a bottle of Dom on ice to celebrate when she got the call. Ava tells her that champagne will have to wait. This baby is her protection – but Carly doesn’t have a life insurance policy from Ava, does she? Ava considers Carly a genuine threat, just like she did Connie. She tells Carly she’s the one who shot Olivia and tells her to make her peace. When she least expects it, expect it. Carly tells her better women have tried. Ava is going to use the next 36 weeks to convince Sonny not to kill her. Sonny arrives and stops Carly from hitting Ava. She tells Sonny that Ava threatened to kill her just like Connie. Sonny informs Ava she’s coming home with him. Inside the NICU, Patrick and Sabrina hold each other and the baby. Sabrina tells Gabriel how much she loves him as Liz and Felix enter for the baby. Sabrina bawls and Patrick promises they will get through it. Later, Sabrina and Patrick pass their baby off to Liz and tell him how much they love him. Sabrina asks Felix to take her home. She tells Patrick how sorry she is. He holds her face and tells her to remember their son and the time they had with him. Alone with Liz, Patrick breaks down. He had so much hope Gabriel would make it. Liz cries and tells Patrick now Gabriel is in his heart and memories like Jake is with her. She has a bag of things and he pulls Emma’s animal Scorpio out. He cries as he wonders how he’ll tell Emma. Liz offers to help him through this.

Sam angrily cleans up the party at the park, miffed and guilty at the same time that Silas’ dead wife has come back to life. Alexis urges her to let it all out. They toss back wine, and Sam unloads about how Silas had finally let go of the guilt. He just told Sam he loved her and she said it back. Sam worries Silas still loves Nina. Alexis tells her to have confidence in Silas and herself. They drink more and Alexis is sure Silas will do the right thing. Sam worries the right thing is for him to be with his wife.

Silas carries Nina across the threshold into his apartment, thanks to a busted elevator. She looks at him adoringly as he sets her on the couch and asks if he remembers their honeymoon. She never liked the over-the-top place her mom forced on them and muses they always had the same take on her controlling mother. Silas stands, trying to wrap his head around everything. Nina regrets missing so much time with him and thinks he must have been lonely since he never filed for divorce. She asks about other women after Ava. Someone knocks and it’s Nina’s nurse Rosalee, who offers to help Nina get ready for bed. Nina coos she’s been waiting so long to curl up in her husband’s arms. Silas thinks it best if he slept on the couch. Nina agrees she isn’t up to her usual standards and promises to get better so they can share a bed - she plans on doing a lot of tossing and turning. She credits him with giving her the strength to stay alive. She’ll sleep well knowing she’ll see him tomorrow.

Felix and Sabrina get home and there are baby packages all over the apartment. Felix starts to pack it up but Sabrina wants to look and remember how she felt before all of this happened. She asks to be alone and he reluctantly agrees. He hands Sabrina her mother’s stethoscope, kisses her on the forehead and goes to his room. Sabrina looks at the tiny things she bought and cries.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Julian asks Sam if Nina knows she and Silas are together.

Nina tells Silas good morning.

Nathan tells Maxie his sister could be out there somewhere.

Carly tells Franco that something stopped Sonny from killing Ava.

Kiki questions Morgan about what her mother did to him.

Olivia learns from Ava that she’s moving in with Sonny.

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