At the hospital, Ava and Sonny run into Morgan and Carly. Ava tells them she’s pregnant. Sonny never meant for this to happen but Morgan doesn’t want to hear it. Ava and Morgan go off to talk and Carly tells Sonny she understands now why Ava is still alive. Meanwhile, Morgan asks Ava if the kid is his. She isn’t sure since she was with Morgan and Sonny on the same day, which appalls Morgan. She asks him to see past the bitterness to the blessing in disguise. She loves him and promises what happened with Sonny was just a big mistake. He tells her to get rid of the kid. All it will do is cause pain for everyone. She refuses to get an abortion. Outside, it’s killing Sonny that Ava is getting away with Connie’s murder. Carly reminds him he has the power and Ava is a threat to their sons. He assures her once the baby is born it will all be over. Morgan storms past and Sonny chases. In the NICU, Felix and Epiphany are devastated for Patrick and Sabrina. They help them hold their son. Sabrina sobs as she holds her tiny baby close. She apologizes for not being able to protect him. Patrick holds Sabrina and she tells Epiphany and Felix she wants Gabriel baptized. Patrick leaves with Epiphany and he breaks down a bit. She tells him she lost a son too and it hurt. But she’ll make sure he gets through it. The priest baptizes Gabriel in front of his parents, Epiphany and Felix. Later, Felix returns with Sabrina’s mother’s stethoscope so she can listen to the baby’s heartbeat. She smiles when she hears it, then says goodbye to Gabriel as his heart stops beating.

At the courthouse, Nathan makes an angry call to find out where Nina is. Maxie arrives, hoping to reschedule her missed court date. She didn’t tell Levi because they don’t see eye to eye on the subject. She didn’t tell her parents either and regrets doing this on her own. Nathan offers to come with her and she accepts. Diane is glad to see Nathan and thinks his endorsement will sway the judge. Inside, Diane pleads Maxie’s case but the judge wants to add six months to the custody ban. He accuses her of not being responsible enough to be with her child. Nathan steps in and tells him he did not give Maxie the notice. The judge allows them to reschedule. Maxie thanks Nathan and tells him she owes him. Nathan will think of something. Diane chuckles and whispers to Maxie that Nathan is a keeper.

Mac arrives at Maxie’s apartment with takeout. Levi reminds Mac that Maxie is vegan and tries to shut the door on him. Mac tells Levi it’s time they talk. He has a problem with Levi. Levi tells Mac he isn’t really Maxie’s father, which Mac takes offense to. He tells Levi that Maxie never found herself after suffering her trauma – she found him. Levi defends himself and says he has made a real effort to get to know Maxie’s family, including Felicia’s Aztec background. He thinks Maxie’s evolution is for the better, and accuses Mac of raising a self-centered person. She is finally putting the nightmare of her daughter behind her. Mac thinks Maxie should be fighting for her daughter. Levi wants to bury the hatchet. Mac will do it for Maxie’s sake, and tells Levi to have Maxie call him.

Silas arrives at the picnic in the park with Sam and is shocked to see Nina in a wheelchair. Nina tells Silas she’s back and Sam looks sick. Alexis and Julian suggest Sam give them privacy but she isn’t going anywhere. Silas tells Nina he thought she was dead and she tells him Madeline lied. She kisses his hands, determined not to let anything get between them again, not her mother or his mistress Ava. She’s happy to hear that’s over, and since he didn’t file for divorce that means he’s as committed as she is. He asks how she got to Port Charles and she tells him she had people look him up on the internet. She is impressed with his accomplishments. He tells her he tried to find her and she tells him she was transferred when she woke up. She asks if he got the flowers and thought he would recognize them from their wedding. Sam interrupts and says Silas thought the flowers were from her for saving her son’s life. Nina is tired and wants her husband to take her home. She can’t wait to pick up with Silas where they left off. Sam encourages Silas to go with Nina and he wheels her off. Julian and Alexis comfort Sam.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ava warns Carly that she has no protection from her.

Morgan demands that Sonny tell him what happened in Puerto Rico.

Sabrina is shocked.

Patrick asks Liz how he is going to tell Emma her little brother is gone.

Sam wonders if Silas still loves Nina.

Nina likes the looks of life with Silas at his place.

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