At Alexis', Molly tells Julian to admit he was lying about Ric. Alexis defends Julian, who sighs and claims what he's said is true. Molly is sure he is lying and storms out. She finds TJ on the porch and tells him what's happening. She wants to head to the station. Alexis comes out and explains that the Feds are talking to Ric right now. She asks her daughter to Danny's party. Molly groans and agrees.

Franco is in the park drawing caricatures of a woman. She doesn't like them and storms off. Kiki jogs by. She asks him to sketch her and talks about her dinner plans with Ava. He doubts that meal is going to happen. "I'm pretty sure your mother is dead," he says. She needs an explanation and gets upset so he offers her ice cream.

At the hospital, Sabrina begs Britt to save her son's life. The parents are sent out of the room. Moments later, Britt comes out to inform them that the baby's organs are necrotizing and shutting down. There is nothing to be done and the baby will be dead in a few hours. Sabrina wants a second opinion so Britt offers to call Dr. Porter. After she leaves, Patrick tells Sabrina there is nothing they can do but accept this. Crying, she says she's not strong enough to do that. He takes her hand and tells her they'll have to do it together. Meanwhile, Nathan runs into Silas by the elevators. Ava and Sonny are in the elevator. She repeats that she's pregnant. He still wants a blood test. They get out and interrupt Nathan and Silas. The cop informs them that Julian has named Ric as his boss. Sonny drags her away for her appointment. Nathan finds their behavior odd. "For Ava, odd is any day ending in y," Silas quips. The detective brings up Nina. Silas drones on about how he has moved on with his life and Nina is at peace. Nathan finally interrupts to say he's looking for his sister's remains. The doctor offers any help he can give and hops on the elevator. Down the hall, Carly worries over the phone that she hasn't heard from Sonny. He wonders if Ava has turned the tables on him. She has her doubts. Carly spots Morgan and gets off the phone. She tells him she knows about Sonny and Ava. He gives her the details of the crypt sex incident and she cringes. She promises Ava will never hurt him again. He's not so sure. His mom suggests he may never see Ava again. She suggests Julian will get rid of her. Franco calls and informs Carly that Ava is alive. In a room down the hall, Ava assures Sonny that she had no idea Julian was working for Ric. Britt shows up and runs the blood test. Kiki calls in a panic. Her mom confirms that she is back in town and ready for dinner. She gets off the phone and Sonny tells her she will be dining in Hell if the test results aren't positive. Moments later, they stroll out and bump into Morgan and Carly. Ava informs them that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Nathan tells Britt that he couldn't ruin Silas' happiness without knowing if Nina is really alive.

Rafe shows up at Sam's door with a cop. The cop explains that Rafe was caught stealing but the victim didn't press charges. After the cop leaves, Rafe explains that he only stole five dollars because he wanted to get a gift for Danny. She wants to table this and head to the party. He doesn't want to go because Molly and TJ will be there. Later, Silas shows up to grab a gift and puts Nina's photo away. After he leaves, Rafe comes out of his room and pulls out some cocaine.

At Danny's party, Alexis assures Julian that he did the right thing. Sam arrives with Danny and Silas is soon to follow. He tells her about what happened with Nathan. He's shocked when he wanders over to the baby and finds Nina sitting with him.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nathan goes to Maxie's meeting with the judge.

Sonny fills Carly in about his newest problem.

Levi and Mac have a fraught encounter.

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