Nikolas shows up at Liz's with the newspaper article about Ric. She insists it's all lies. The prince wants her to see the truth about Ric. "He lied to me?" she wonders. She admits she slept with him last night and he seemed clueless when the cops came after him. Liz wonders what's wrong with her. She feels stupid. He hugs her.

At Silas', Sam reads the paper to him and notices he's hiding something. She grabs it. It's his wedding photo. She's surprised by how beautiful Nina is and tells him he doesn't have to hide it. He thinks it's time to let go of Nina and live in the present as she would have wanted. Meeting Sam has freed him from his past. He loves her and that scares him. This makes him uncomfortable. Sam loves him too. He's given her the kind of future that she though she'd lost. They kiss and he leads her to the bedroom. Moments later, they have to split up and head to the party. After he leaves, she stares at the wedding photo until there is a knock at the door.

At the hospital, Lucas wakes up with his father by his bed. Julian assures him that he is safe and his old boss is now out of the picture. Felix pops in to change Lucas' bandage. Julian wanders out and bumps into Bobbie in the corridor. She rips into him. "Lucas is in way more danger from your family than he is from mine!" he blurts out. She's shocked. He claims he was just referring to Carly dating a serial killer and walks away. Meanwhile, Brad shows up at the hospital railing to Britt about the wedding he was at. She stops him to explain that Lucas almost died while he was away. He runs down the hall to Lucas' room. Felix is changing his bandages. Brad starts to demand to know if they are together. Felix confirms they have been dating. Brad and Felix bicker until Bobbie bursts in and demands to know what's going on. She kicks them out and fluffs her son's pillow. Nathan pays Patrick and Sabrina visit in the baby ward. He questions them about the accident again. Once he's finished, he heads down the hall and bumps into Britt. They recall their mother's antics at the nurse's ball. He explains that Madeline says Nina is still alive. The cop doesn't know what to do about Silas. She thinks Silas has the tight to know. Back down the hall, Patrick and Sabrina wonder why anyone would run them off the road on purpose. When they go in to see their baby, his machines start making noises. Britt rushes in with a team of nurses. Over by the elevators, Nathan runs into Silas and tells him there's something he needs to know.

At home, Alexis tells Molly that Lucas' shooter has been arrested. Molly hopes he rots. "It's your father," Alexis adds. Molly is perplexed so her mom tells her that Ric is a mob boss and hands her the paper. "It's all lies!" says Molly, telling her she should be at the station helping Ric. Alexis won't. Molly's disappointed that she can help 'all of her other daughters' fathers' but not hers. She storms off. Julian arrives to pick Alexis up for the party. She fills him in on what just happened with Molly. He's sorry and gives her a hug. Molly returns and asks Julian to admit he was lying about her father.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny wants Ava to prove her claim.

Carly and Morgan get news that's hard to swallow.

Danny's party is full of surprises.

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