A drunk Morgan is cut off at The Floating Rib and he gets belligerent. Security tries to toss him but Olivia offers to take care of him. She takes him to a booth and tells him she knows Ava cheated on him with Sonny. Morgan thinks they can get back at them and plants a kiss on Olivia. She pushes him off but he thinks they can just say it’s an accident so Sonny and Ava know how it feels. He asks her to take him home with her but she tells him revenge sex is off the table, at least with each other. She can see he’s in a terrible place and sinking to their level isn’t the answer. Revenge is always a mistake. He apologizes for trying to kiss her and she insists on driving him home.

Ava places Sonny’s hand on her stomach in Puerto Rico and tells him she’s pregnant with his baby. He doesn’t believe her. She offers to prove it and pulls a positive pregnancy test out of the trash. He accuses her of planting it but she had no clue he was on his way here. They made something beautiful out of something ugly. Sonny refuses to believe the baby is his and she agrees - it could be Morgan’s. She’s only been with Morgan or him since she’s been in town. Sonny puts his gun away and tells her they’re going to Port Charles to see a doctor. If she’s lying, she’s dead. If she’s telling the truth, she’s dead in nine months.

Ric denies the charges against him as the cops search his room. Anna says there’s documentation of a money trail that leads to Ric but he insists it’s fake and Julian is lying. Meanwhile, Liz struggles to get into a robe under the covers. The cops find a gun, the same type that shot Lucas and killed his gunman. Ric swears it’s a plant. The cops drag him off as he yells to Liz he’s being set up.

Julian tells Alexis at her place that Ric was his boss. She doesn’t believe it and demands Julian tell her the truth. He swears on his kids’ lives that Ric is his boss. Ric approached him while he was in the witness protection program and offered to fund Julian’s operation in order to bleed Sonny dry. Julian never planned on having a family and had no idea how high the price would be. Alexis is beside herself about what she’s going to tell Molly. Julian almost tells Alexis the truth but they’re interrupted by someone at the door. Liz tells Alexis someone is framing Ric. Alexis tells Liz Julian explained everything to her and to call Diane. Liz busts in and demands Julian tell her why he’s setting up Ric. She accuses him of planting the gun and begs Alexis not to believe him over Ric. Alexis does and Liz leaves upset. Julian apologizes and begs Alexis to tell him they will be okay no matter what. She tells him it is. He leaves to be with Lucas while she calls Molly and tells her to come home.

Fake Luke visits the totally disoriented and drugged real Luke at Miscavige and tells him it took a lot of planning to get here. He’s been watching Luke for months, years, familiarizing himself with all the details of Luke’s life. Then he waited for just the right moment and got it when Luke landed here. He rubs in how great Tracy was in bed when they reunited, and now they’re now married. He’s only after her money and ELQ but still takes care of her in the sack. Restrained, real Luke finally reacts and screams for him to keep his filthy hands off Tracy. New Luke continues to taunt Luke about Tracy’s voracious sex drive, and Luke spits in his face. New Luke is leaving town for a while, and passes along the info that Luke has a grandson named Rocco. When he gets back from his trip he’s going to take over Port Charles and obliterate Sonny. He even set up another guy to take the fall for everything he’s done with an iron-clad paper trail and planted weapon with prints. New Luke says goodbye for now and old Luke asks him who he is. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” he taunts.

At the station, Anna tells Ric the bullet that hit Lucas and the one that killed the hit man was a match for the gun in his room. Ric rages that it isn’t his gun and he never even touched it. She tells him his prints were all over it and places him under arrest.

Liz returns to Ric’s room for her cell phone but the cops turn her away.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nathan tells Britt his sister is still alive.

Felix tells Brad that he and Lucas are dating.

Nik wants Liz to see the truth about Ric.

Alexis tells Molly that Ric is Julian’s boss.

Julian informs Bobbie that Lucas is in more trouble from her family that he is from Julian’s.

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