Ned isn't thrilled to walk into Luke's office at ELQ and see him behind a pile of cash. He accuses him of embezzling. "Ned, Nedder, Neddest, you could not be more wrong," says Luke. Tracy shows up. Luke explains it is his nest egg and he's putting it into the ELQ coffers. Tracy buys this and thinks it's swell. Ned begs her to wait to tie the knot. She kicks him out. He leaves in a huff. Luke smirks. Tracy tells him how great he is. After she leaves, he tries calling Julian.

Sabrina shows up at the PCPD and asks Carlos if he really killed AJ. Anna shruggingly allows them into the interrogation room to chat. Carlos gets emo when he hears about the baby. "Ay dios mio! This is my fault!" he says. He continues claiming he killed AJ and she can hardly believe he lied to her. Carlos cries that everything he did, he did for her. She storms out. Outside, Duke pops up. Anna tells him about the confession but something seems off. She needs to look at AJ's phone. He gets flirty. She chuckles and then apologizes for questioning him over Sonny's alibi. He tells her that Jerome has been bringing drugs into town and offers to help her bring him down. She says they can't do that because it would publicize their relationship.

At the hospital, Franco and Carly guess the truth about AJ's shooting must be on his phone. They play the recording. It's AJ and Ava but the sound cuts out. They hear Ava pulling a gun and try to put the pieces together. They play more of it and listen to Sonny come in shoot AJ. "Wow," Franco groans. Carly still isn't sure what happened. He thinks they should give the recording to Anna but she won't allow it because it would reveal Sonny's guilt.

Sonny drops by Kelly's to update Shawn about sending Ava out of town. The mobster explains that he knocked boots with Ava and how angry that made Morgan. Shawn heads off to get Ava.

Olivia arrives at Sonny's. She finds Morgan moving out. He hears what his dad told her about the break-up. Morgan tells her that Sonny was lying but then backtracks and leaves. Alexis shows up. They gossip about Ava cheating on Morgan. "It all makes so much sense now," Olivia says. Alexis leaves. Olivia replays the argument between Sonny and his son and gasps. Sonny arrives. "Did you have sex with Ava Jerome?" she asks.

Julian arrives at the gallery before Ava can split. He pulls a gun on her and confronts her for betraying him to Sonny. She makes excuses. He demands to know who she cheated on Morgan with so he can send him flowers once she's dead. His sister begs for mercy but letting her live isn't up to him. She's surprised that he takes orders from someone. Julian explains she dies or he does. He's sure she'd make the same choice. Ava begs and cries. Before he can pull the trigger, Morgan breaks a sculpture over his head. He admits he ratted her out to Julian and apologizes. She's sorry too and insists what happened with Sonny was meaningless. Ava begs him for forgiveness and announces she's headed for the island. Morgan declares that he's finished with her and his father. As they argue, Julian wakes up and tries to roll over. Once Morgan is gone, Ava stomps on her brother's hand and picks up his gun.

Tuesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Julian gives shocking information about Ava to Shawn.

Luke is startled when Michael shows up at ELQ to talk about Kiki.

Morgan tells Kiki about Sonny's betrayal.

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