Silas bumps into Sam in the hospital corridor. They discuss Patrick and Sabrina's baby. The doctor admits the kid's odds aren't good. "It sucks being a parent," Sam says. He tries to be optimistic. She tears up and hopes that the parents will be as lucky as she was. Down the hall, Sabrina and Patrick are in the incubator room worrying about their baby. He wanders out. Victor pops up to check on him. Robin read about his accident on the internet. The doctor wants him to get lost but Victor offers him a chance to speak to Robin. The Cassadine hands him a phone number that will be active for an hour. Patrick walks down the hall and makes the call. He updates Robin on everything and asks her to come home. She won't so he accuses her of putting Jason above her family. He angrily tells her not to bother coming back. Back in the incubator room, Britt visits Sabrina. The doctor says the latest tests show improvement.

In the cells, Nathan lectures Madeline for lying to him for twenty years. She suddenly tells him his sister is still alive. They argue and he accuses her of lying. Madeline explains that Nina is in a secret facility. She asks him to keep this quiet. Silas interrupts so Nathan leaves. They face off and she tells him he'll never get near Nina again. Upstairs at the PCPD, Dante and Lulu offer to make a deal with Obrecht. She's not saying anything until she gets it in writing. The document is delivered. She's satisfied and signs. Dante prompts her to make a call and get the embryo. She calls Victor, dumps him and then they arrange for a drop. Liesl hands off the details to Dante. After having the papers filed, she's unhappy to hear they are giving her an ankle monitor. Nathan arrives just in time to strap it on. He feels like he's exchanged one psycho mom for another. Liesl tells him how much she loves him. "Lady, I don't even know you," he says. She wants them to be a family. He doesn't even know who his family is anymore. He demands to know who his father is.

Somewhere, Nina wakes up in a hospital bed and gasps "Silas!"

Maxie and Levi are locking lips at Kelly's. She wants her parents to like him. Maxie worries that Lulu will never forgive what she did. He gives her a pep talk. They kiss until Mac and Felicia interrupt. "Mind taking your tongue our of my daughter's mouth?" Mac barks. He's gruff and begins interrogating Levi. News that he is vegan doesn't sit well with Mac. Lulu and Dante stroll in. That's awkward. Maxie tells them how happy she is for them. Maxie knows that getting Rocco won't erase everything she did. She apologizes profusely and hopes they can be friends again some day. Choking up, Lulu tells her she wants to be friends too. They hug. Dante and Lulu walk outside. Victor arrives and hands them a package.

Friday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

The PCPD finds some evidence.

Julian tells Luke what Ava has been up to.

Ned and Alexis reminisce about their romantic past.

Sam questions Patrick's weird behavior.

Sabrina learns of Carlos' confession. 

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