Jordan enjoys an egg white omelet made by TJ at Kelly’s. TJ comments on her late hours and takes the time to show her his college acceptance letter. She is overjoyed and proud. TJ is proud if Jordan too, but Shawn warns him to scale it back. Jordan and Shawn bicker a bit about their mob ties and TJ takes off for class. Jordan tells Shawn that she is not dealing drugs and he isn’t going to tell TJ or she will tell on him. Later, TJ asks Shawn to give Jordan a break. Shawn agrees.

At the hospital, Britt has been up in the NICU all night. Nathan shows up and tells her that her tire was not a match for the skid marks at the accident. But he really needs to talk to her about something else. She assumes he’s interested in her romantically – until he reveals that she’s his sister. She is shocked and then relieved they didn’t sleep together. She has to get back to the NICU and tells her bro she’ll see him around. Meanwhile, Lucy arrives hoping to help Patrick and Sabrina. Kevin comments that’s what makes General Hospital so special. During struggles, everyone pitches in to help. It makes the most difficult times more bearable. Lucy is determined to make this Nurses’ Ball the best ever and Kevin tells her she can stop bringing him breakfast and reclaim that time for herself. He suddenly wonders why she’s been so attentive to him. She tells him he is her No. 1 priority. She knows how lucky she is to be married to him.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas reads about Britt’s heroics in the paper. Liz questions the timing of Britt’s arrival and seems skeptical. Lulu arrives and explains about the possibility if another embryo. Lulu begs them to drop the charges against Liesl so she and Dante can convince Scott Baldwin to do the same. Later, Nik and Liz agree they made the only decision they could.

In their cells, Liesl begs to hear Madeline’s exit plan and Madeline reveals she also has something valuable stashed away. She won’t reveal anything more so Liesl threatens to tell Nathan the truth about who his real mother is. Madeline smugly tells Liesl she already did. Madeline admits she had no choice because James almost slept with Britt. Liesl isn’t surprised those gorgeous creatures couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Madeline tells Liesl that Nathan doesn’t care about her and Liesl promises to rectify that. Upstairs, Dante asks Scott to drop the charges on Liesl because she may have their other embryo. This may be the only chance they have to give Rocco a sibling. Scott understands and tells Dante about his wife Dominique who was dying of cancer. They created an embryo and Lucy acted as their surrogate. Scott will always be grateful to Lucy for giving him Serena. Scott agrees to drop the charges if Nik and Liz agree. Later, Dante gets Liesl and agrees to her deal as long as she tells him where the embryo is. Later, Nathan visits Madeline in her cell and tells her that he told Britt she’s his sister. He hopes they can create some kind of relationship since she’s the only sister he has left. Madeline tells him she didn’t kill Nina.

Luke visits Julian at the gallery. Julian reads about the car accident, and Luke tells him it was no accident because someone pushed them off the road. Julian hands over a briefcase of cash for Luke to take to ELQ for cleaning. Julian tells him about the new head of distribution – Jordan Ashford. Luke is steamed and wonders how they can trust her. Julian checked her references and promises Luke they can trust her. Luke wants Jordan to have no idea of his involvement. Jordan enters just then and offers to help pick out more art out with Luke. “I am at your disposal,” she says. He is glad to hear it and understands Julian trusts her implicitly. He kisses Jordan’s hand and bids her until another time. Later, Jordan asks Julian who does the laundry and suggests dropping the cash off directly herself to cut the risk of too many people handling it. Julian tells her to focus on distribution and he’ll handle the rest. Jordan doesn’t care who handles it as long as she gets some.

Luke stops by Kelly’s for an espresso and asks if Shawn has had any luck taking out Julian’s backer. He still thinks it’s Ric the Slick. Shawn doesn’t think Ric works for Julian anymore but Luke says it’s all an act.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Silas tells Sam that Patrick is going to need all the help he can get.

Victor knows Patrick could use Robin right now.

Sabrina tells Britt that things depend on her.

Mac interrupts a kiss between Maxie and Levi.

Dante tells Liesl that there is one more thing.

Madeline tells Nathan that his sister is still alive.

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