Jordan wanders by the pier and thinks about the deal she made with Julian. Shawn startles her and wonders what she's doing. He assumes she's waiting for a drug drop. They bicker about her criminal history. (Scene interrupted by press conference from 00:17-00:33.) She threatens to tell TJ about how his father really died. Jordan offers to keep his secret if he'll keep hers. He agrees to that but warns her that she is facing danger.

At Kelly's, TJ shows Molly his acceptance letter to PCU. She's thrilled for him. He can't wait to show his mom. (Scene interrupted by press conference from 00:17-00:33.) Molly makes him a sundae and he wishes his dad was still around. TJ remembers how messed up he used to be. It took him awhile to realize how torn up Shawn was about what happened to his dad. Shawn arrives and congratulates TJ on his school news. TJ wonders what his mom is doing.

Alexis and Julian are at the gallery for a clandestine dinner date. Morgan shows up to moan about Ava betraying him. (Scene interrupted by press conference from 00:17-00:33.) He doesn't explain much and leaves, warning Julian that Ava has been messing him around by feeding information to Sonny. Julian decides it's time to act. Alexis advises him not to do anything that's going to make her regret getting involved with him. After she leaves, Jordan shows up with his package. She hopes this proves that she's on his side. Once alone, he sits back, pulls out his gun, and calls to ask his sister to meet.

At the Metro Court, Olivia continues asking Sonny why Morgan came to her about his breakup with Ava. He grumbles through an excuse. "Whatever means you used to keep them apart, that's okay by me," she says. He's not explanatory. (Scene interrupted by press conference from 00:17-00:33.) She worries about his health and tells him he doesn't have to keep everything bottled up. They hug. Liv suggests they get a room but he just wants to go home and have a shower. She kisses him and heads off. Alexis shows up and tips Sonny off about what just happened with Morgan.

At the PCPD, Carly and Franco are shocked to hear that Carlos confessed to the shooting. "But Sonny did!" she blurts out. Michael pops up. Franco covers and they tell him about the confession. He stalks off. (Scene interrupted by press conference from 00:17-00:33.) Carly and Franco try to figure out what AJ had on Ava that got him killed. In the interrogation room, Carlos offers Anna his detailed confession. Michael watches as Carlos spins his yarn about AJ walking in on him at Ava's and him shooting him. Anna takes the recording of the confession out and plays it for Michael and Carly. Michael is stunned by how cold all of this is. Franco and Carly walk off into a corner and agree to keep digging for dirt.

Ava goes back to her place and leaves a message for Morgan. She notices she's lost an earring. Kiki shows up to talk about Carlos. Ava isn't very forthcoming. (Scene interrupted by press conference from 00:17-00:33.) Kiki admits she's coming around to accepting Ava with Morgan. She calls Michael and tells him her mom doesn't know anything about what happened with Carlos. He tells her about the confession. Ava looks relieved to hear this and says they can all move on with their lives now.

Wednesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nathan surprises Britt with a revelation.

Obrecht and Madeline both attempt to have their charges dropped.

Jordan continues to prove her loyalty to the Jeromes.

Luke suggests to Shawn that Ric is working with Julian.

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