Michael drops by his father's house on his way to the funeral. He asks Sonny to go with him. Sonny doubts AJ would want him there. Michael explains that he learned to love AJ but he needs Sonny to lean on. His father still thinks it's a bad idea. It would upset Monica too much. Once Michael leaves, AJ returns to haunt and taunt Sonny. The mobster flashes through everything that's happened.

Spencer shows up at the Quartermaine estate and accuses Luke of plotting against Sonny. The kid tells him what he overheard. Luke suggests that he get his ears fixed. The kid complains about being dumped and asks him to stop his plans. He blabs about everything he knows. Luke's eyes dart around and he informs the kid that he's heard too much. He asks him to keep quiet about this. Spencer refuses so Luke threatens to hurt him. The kid pouts and then warns that his father will come after him. "Your father is a pompous jerk," Luke says before he threatens to hurt Emma instead. Sonny walks in.

Franco is at the PCPD chatting with Diane in the office. She's surprised to hear about him trashing his hotel room. He tries to stop her from halting the charges but that's not easy. The lawyer guesses he wants to be locked up. In the interrogation room, Carlos is on the phone with Ava. He refuses to co-operate with her so she threatens to go after Sabrina and her baby. This enrages him. She mocks him and threatens the nurse again. Dante walks in and takes the phone away. He takes it out to Diane and gives her ten seconds with Franco. He still doesn't want her help. She goes in to see Carlos. He informs her he's pleading the fifth. The lawyer isn't thrilled and leaves.

At home, Ava calls someone and gives them Sabrina's name.

Sabrina shows up at Patrick's. He wasn't expecting her but Emma invited her to her recital. The doctor tells her that he lost his temper with Emma and things have been tense ever since. Patrick admits that he hasn't told his daughter that he's going to be a father again. Emma shows up and wonders what they are talking about. Her father sits her down and promises to try not to lose his temper again. They show her the sonogram of the baby and then explain that Patrick is the father.

Liz comes down from her suite at Wyndemere and gets Nikolas to zip up her dress. Ric interrupts this moment. The prince isn't happy to see him. Ric tells Liz that living there is a terrible idea. The three of them bicker. Ric offers to help Liz recuperate but she says she's fine there. She gets Nik to step out and then argues with Ric. He wonders if she's hoping to get back together with the prince. Liz says that's not going to happen and asks him to accept that she's staying there. Before he leaves, he assures her that he's not giving up on her. Nikolas rushes in, worried that Spencer is missing.

Tuesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Franco tries bonding with Carlos.

Carly taunts Ava.

Ned has another warning for Tracy.

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