At ELQ, Luke threatens to call off the wedding if Tracy refuses to trust him. He suggests that she give his ring back then. She won't let him walk away from her. She loves him. "Then prove it," he challenges. Tracy agrees to take the pre-nup off the table. He's thrilled and hugs her. She goes off to tell Ned to halt the pre-nup. On the way, she tells her father's portrait that she trusts Luke with her life and money. Meanwhile, Luke sits in her office, lights up a cigar and snickers, "Sucker."

Ava arrives outside Sonny's and calls Diane and orders her to make sure that Carlos keeps his mouth shut. Inside, Sonny is thinking of his argument with Olivia. Ava comes in. Corinthos tells her that AJ has been pushing him to the edge. He worries about Carly trying to help him if she thinks he's losing his mind. Ava is the only person he can talk to. She tells him they need to stay strong and silent. Besides, the cops are trying to pin the killing on Carlos. Ava wishes she could help Sonny more.

At the PCPD, Anna and Dante question Carlos about the murder. He drinks water. The cops badger him but he refuses to talk without his lawyer. Anna takes his water bottle and walks out with the detective. She tells Dante that they've got Carlos right where they want him and drop the bottle into an evidence bag. They'll get his DNA off it. Dante fills her in on what Obrecht told him. She wonders what he'll decide to do.

At Wyndemere, Spencer keeps worrying about Sonny and Luke but his dad insists he must be confused. Liz and Cameron show up. The little boys glare at each other. Cam tries to be friendly but Spencer refuses to play along and stomps off. His father orders him to apologize. The kid gets sarcastic. The prince lectures him about treating everyone with courtesy. He orders his son to share his Easter eggs with Cameron. Spencer warns him that he's not giving up on Emma. This leaves Liz alone with Nikolas. She wonders if he is missing Britt. The prince insists he isn't. He offers her his castle to recuperate in. Meanwhile, Spencer calls Sonny and leaves him an urgent message.

Britt drops by Dante's with allergy meds for Ben. Lulu is cold and informs her she's changed his name to Rocco. She explains that Obrecht has been claiming she has one of her embryos. This is the first that Britt has heard about it. The doctor explains that her mother doesn't make idle threats. If she wants to know where the embryo is, she'll have to make a deal.

At Maxie's, she informs Nathan that he needs to move out... as soon as possible. He's paid up till the end of the month and tells her she can move out. She won't do that and doesn't think her aura can stand his 'toxic vibes'. The cop assumes that 'Mr. Truth Pillows' is behind this. Levi wanders in and admits all of this was his suggestion. Maxie suggests that Nathan go and stay with Britt. The cop blurts out that she's his sister. Maxie takes that in and tells him he doesn't have to leave. That leads to bickering with the hippy. The cop agrees to stay and walks off to take a shower to wash away his toxic vibes.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Spencer attempts to warn Sonny about Luke.

Franco lets Carly in on his latest scheme.

Ava tries to get to Carlos before he can confess to the PCPD.

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