Ric fusses over Liz in her hospital room. She insists her shot was just a scratch. He wonders what's up with her and Nikolas. The nurse thinks it will take awhile for Nikolas to get over Britt. Ric tells her that he's committed to having her back in his life and he's determined to prove how much she means to him.

Nikolas is in his room at Wyndemere, remembering his toast to Britt. He mopes for awhile. Spencer shows up and he won't go away. He wants some answers about Britt and worries that the chupacabra got her. The prince explains she's moved out. His son wonders if he doesn't love her anymore. Nik explains she did something he can't forgive. He assures the kid that he'll never stop loving him. As they hug, Spencer explains that Emma dumped him but he's sure she'll come back. He tells him that Sonny helped him out but he's worried that Luke is out to get him. Nikolas is confused and asks for an explanation and assumes his son must have misunderstood.

Drunken Britt and Nathan stumble into his place. She makes light of his sense of design. The doctor wants more to drink. He starts telling her about his roommate. "We've hit rock bottom. There are no more surprises left," she groans. When she tries to kiss him, he pulls away. He doesn't want to take advantage of her. They get ready to kiss anyway. "Britt!" Maxie squeals when she spots them. She starts blabbing about her history with Dr. Westbourne. Britt fills her in about Lulu finally getting her baby. Maxie thinks it's wonderful and the universe must be balancing out. Britt drinks more and decides it's time to go. Nathan insists that she stay. She takes the couch. Once she's alone, she looks at pictures of Ben on her phone.

Lulu and Dante take Ben to their place. They find Olivia waiting for them. She gets maudlin with the baby and wonders if they are going to change his name. Liv jogs off. The couple contemplate the name change. "Isn't he a Rocco?" Dante asks. Lulu agrees.

Sonny calls Luke over to his place. He questions him about what kind of game he's been playing. This sounds like a threat to Luke. Sonny tells him what Ric told him and demands to know why he told his brother about his suspicions. Luke claims that Ric was trashing him and he couldn't handle it. He apologizes for letting Ric get to him and wonders who Sonny will believe. Olivia stumbles in and coos about the baby. Luke makes it clear that he doesn't find the news heartwarming. Looking at babies just reminds him of death. "You never know when you're looking death straight in the face," he tells Sonny. That's a mood killer. Sonny walks him out and glares suspiciously.

In the cells, Madeline has a fit while Obrecht threatens to tell James everything. The blond thinks that will only lead to resentment but the doctor thinks that Britt can comfort her bother. "Get her a puppy," suggests Madeline. Obrecht worries that the siblings might hook up if they don't warn them. Her sister thinks that's a ridiculous idea. The doctor stars exercising and bragging about how she will be out soon. "By the time I'm through, I won't be the villain, I'll be the hero," she claims. A cop comes down and hands her a phone. She calls Dante and offers to make her statement but only to him. She'll be waiting. When he arrives, she tells him that she knows about his 'other child'.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Dante tells Lulu about Obrecht's offer.

Britt is unhappy to find Nikolas helping Liz.

Carlos crashes Patrick and Sabrina's doctor's appointment.

Michael pressures Anna to find AJ's killer.

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