Nathan shows up at The Floating Rib and plops down beside Britt. They start drinking vodka. After he makes it clear that he knows who she is, she wonders why he is sitting with her. She has no idea what to do without Ben. Britt mulls over everything she's lost thanks to 'the nurse from Hell'. She vents about Liz and then beats herself up for hurting Nik. The cop still doesn't think she's as bad as his mother. He tells her what Madeline did. They drink more. "Your mother sounds a whole lot like my mother," Britt says. They toast to their miserable lives. After a few drinks, he asks her to leave with him. "Why not?" she shrugs. Out in the alley, Julian calls Sam to check in. She doesn't have much news. Luke comes out of the shadows when Julian gets off the phone. He says their problems with Sonny are about to be taken care of. They go into the bar and sit in a booth. Luke explains that he's been fanning the flames between the brothers Corinthos and that should keep Sonny distracted. Julian thinks he's playing games. "My plans for Port Charles are deadly serious," says Luke.

Silas and Sam are in his apartment with Danny. She thinks he would have been an amazing father. He tells Sam how amazing she is. She makes him want to talk about his feelings. He'll never know how things could have turned out with his wife because of Madeline. After putting the baby to sleep, he worries about what's next. She reminds him that he's finally free. They hit the sheets.

Sonny shows up at home. Ric is waiting for him. He thinks Sonny wants him dead. Luke told him so. They argue about this. Ric explains that he quit working for Julian and he just wants peace. He walks out. Sonny calls Luke over. When Luke arrives, Sonny asks him what kind of game he's playing.

In the cells, Obrecht realizes that Nathan is really her son James. "You gave him to me!" screeches Madeline. The doctor says giving up the baby broke her heart and she had no choice. She tears into her sister but Madeline tells her to forget about James. Obrecht can't do that. She wonders why Nathan's last name was changed and probes her about what she did to him. The blond blames everything on Silas. The doctor doesn't find that convincing and threatens to tell Nathan everything.

Nik is in Liz's hospital room apologizing. He holds her hand. She worries about him but he assures her that he's fine. The nurse is sure that he's emotionally imploding. He doesn't know how to tell Spencer what's happened. Liz gets philosophical about how irrational feelings are. It sounds to him like she's pushing him back to Britt. She won't judge him for still loving Britt. Ric runs in. He just heard she was shot. A doctor comes in and says that only one of the gentlemen can stay. Liz suggests the prince go home to look after his son. Nik rolls his eyes at Ric and leaves.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Obrecht has an offer for Dante.

Ric wants to fight for the woman he loves.

Nik gives Spencer some bad news.

Sonny confronts Luke.

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