Carly is at Franco's place. She confirms that Sonny shot AJ. "This is awesome!" he says. He finally has Sonny where he wants him. Sonny usually just kills people for business and now he's done it for personal reasons. She orders him not to tell anyone about this. Franco rails about Sonny but she wants him to keep quiet for Michael's sake and for hers. He assures her she can always trust him, but it will be hard for him to keep his mouth shut. She explains that Ava is up to her neck in this. He smirks. They wonder why AJ was trying to kill Ava. She's determined to find out exactly what's been going on.

Britt and Liz arrive at the hospital. Liz is rushed into surgery. Nikolas demands to know if Liz will be okay. Britt doesn't know. He thanks her and asks her to go since he still blames everything on her. Once she leaves, a doctor comes out and informs the prince that none of Liz's vital organs were hit. He goes in to see her and blames himself for what's happened. "I have a lot to apologize for," he says. She forgives him and he takes her hand.

Lulu arrives at the station. She's thrilled to see Dante with the baby. They have a threeway hug. She worries it's all a dream so Dante pinches her. He explains that Liz was shot. They get a call saying the nurse will be fine. When they turn around, Britt is there. She wants a moment but Dante tells her to go home while they figure out what to charge her with. The doctor needs to say goodbye to Ben. The cop doesn't want to allow it but Lulu tells her to make it quick. Britt holds Ben and promises that everything will be okay. She won't be around but he has parents who will take care of him. "I'll always love you," she says, kissing the baby goodbye. She runs out in tears. Dante's impressed by Lulu's generosity. "It's time for us to be a family," she says.

Nathan is startled to find Maxie in the apartment. She's shocked that the place looks exactly the same. "I just feel like all of this belongs to someone else," she says before probing him about what's wrong. He tries to explain but she babbles until an Aussie named Levi walks out in a towel. Nathan's not happy he's been using his shampoo. Levi brags about all the charity work he's done. Eventually, he stops and offers the cop a 'truth pillow'. Nathan snaps about arresting his mom for killing his pregnant sister. The hippy tells him to let the anger go. That doesn't go over well. The cop storms out. Maxie thanks Levi for helping her in the Philippines. They make out.

Madeline is shocked to see Dr. Obrecht in the cell next to her. The doctor sneers. "It's been a long time, hasn't it?" Madeline says. They never thought their paths would cross again. Obrecht thinks it's a cruel twist of fate. "Is that any way to speak to your big sister?" Madeline asks. The doctor doesn't consider her a sister since she abandoned her. They trade insults. They're both in there for what they did for their children. As they argue about who has suffered more, Nathan shows up to rail at his mom. She doesn't want to talk there but he demands some answers and then storms out without getting any. Liesl guesses that Nathan is really James. "He's my son!" Obrecht gasps.

Sonny and Olivia are at The Floating Rib. She's thrilled about the baby coming home safe. She can see he's worried about Michael but thinks he needs to count his blessings. Liv worries about baby poop and runs off to buy diapers. He joins Ava in a booth and tips her off about AJ's last words to Carly. She gulps but he assures her she's got nothing to worry about. Britt walks in and sits at the bar. Nathan joins her.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ric sets things straight with Sonny.

Liz questions Nikolas' feelings.

Sam and Silas solve the case.

Nathan and Britt bond over drinks.

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