At the hotel Madeline confirms that Nina was pregnant. Madeline had taken graphic pictures of Silas with Ava and showed them to Nina. Nina told Madeline she was pregnant once she saw the pictures, but Nina believed once Silas knew she was pregnant he would stop seeing Ava. Madeline found out taking to many antidepressants could cause a miscarriage. Nathan asks how Nakamura fits in but she says she doesn’t know. Silas tells him Madeline picked up Nina’s medicine many times and Nina showed no signs of struggle when Silas found her. Madeline says she never meant to hurt her little girl and collapses in tears. She was trying to do right for Nina, but she made a terrible mistake. Everything she did was for her family and begs for Nathan to understand. He arrests her for the murder of Nakamura and Nina Clay. Later, Silas tells Sam he should have been a better husband, and because he wasn’t he lost his wife and child. She reminds him this isn’t his fault. He remembers how much Nina loved her little brother. Nina put up with Madeline if she got to be with James and got excited about everything they did together. He knew she would have been a good mother.

When Carly gets back to Franco’s room he questions where she’s been. He thinks she’s been avoiding him and that she’s hiding something with Sonny. Franco knows something big went on because Carly is not acting like herself. Secrets are destructive and he asks her if she trusts him. She won’t tell him to protect him from the police and he tells her he now knows what’s going on. She thinks he is trying to trap her into telling, but he lays out his theory that Sonny shot AJ. Carly says that Sonny promised not to kill AJ and Franco is sure Sonny meant it until he shot him. Franco gives Carly the choice to trust him or not. She tells him he’s right – Sonny shot AJ.

At The Floating Rib, Olivia tells Sonny that there’s a break in the case and hopefully Dante is bringing home the baby. She is overjoyed and wonders why Sonny looks so sad. He doesn’t know how Michael will get through losing AJ. He doesn’t want to see his son suffer like this. Olivia tells him whoever is responsible is whoever shot AJ, but once Ben is home the PCPD will solve this case too. She thinks seeing AJ’s shooter behind bars will go a long way to help Michael heal. She tells Sonny he is the only father Michael has left and he needs him more than ever.

Britt arrives at Liz’s. Inside, Liesl tells Liz to get the baby and holds the gun on Nik as he opens the door. Britt is shocked to see her mom has a gun on him. She apologizes to Nik for her mother but he has long since stopped believing her apologies. Britt assures her mother there has been no one watching. Nik can’t believe Britt is really going to take the baby on the run. She tells him she is doing what is best for the baby. He says he never really knew her. Dante listens to everything outside. Liz brings down the baby and Liesl directs Nik to hand Britt a bag with everything she needs to start her new life. Liesl tears up as she tells Britt she wants to make sure she is all right. Liesl has Liz hand Ben to Britt and then directs Liz to Nik. Just then, Dante busts in with guns on Liesl. Liesl puts her gun down, then lunges for Dante’s gun. They struggle and Liz gets shot. Nik screams for Britt to help and she hands the baby to Dante. Britt puts pressure on the wound and Nik begs her to save Liz, but she’s fading fast.

Anna stops Lulu from leaving PCPD to go to Ben. She doesn’t want Lulu to pull Dante’s focus. Lulu understands but staying here is killing her. Anna knows what she feels like and tells her about the time Robin was kidnapped as a child. In order to control the fear she had faith that Robin was going to come home safe. And when she saw that little girl running toward her, it was a mix of relief and gratitude and pure love. Anna assures her she will hold her baby again. Later, Anna finds Nathan leading Madeline in and he tells her that she killed Nina. Nathan says he has the entire confession and Madeline says “You do?” Later, Liesl is put in a cell next to a weeping Madeline. They recognize each other. Meanwhile, Dante returns the station with Ben to an ecstatic Lulu.

Nathan unwinds at home and Maxie is there.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nik demands to know from Britt if Liz is going to survive.

Madeline tells Liesl it has been a long time.

Dante gives Lulu her son to hold.

Maxie has a man with her.

Carly asks Franco if she can trust him to keep the secret.

Sonny tells Ava that AJ told Carly he shot him because of her.

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