Lulu starts banging on Liz's door. Obrecht orders the nurse to make it good and cocks her gun. Liz answers the door and Lulu fills her in on the latest. The nurse tries to assure her that Ben is fine. Lulu wonders how she knows. Obrecht eavesdrops and cringes as the women discuss their feelings. Once Lulu is done venting, she leaves. Obrecht decides it's time to make a call.

At the station, Dante warns Britt not to leave town. She insists she has no idea where Ben is. As she's about to trudge out, Nikolas arrives and isn't thrilled to see she's been released. Britt says she didn't mean to hurt anyone. The prince rails at her and demands that she get out of his life. She says her love for him was never a lie. Once she's gone, Nikolas and the cop talk about how wrong things are. Dante doesn't blame him for any of this. The prince insists on helping out. Lulu arrives and tells them how reassuring Liz was.

Britt shows up at the hospital. Brad's not sure she should be there. She reminds him she has no home. They talk about losing everything. They've both been dumped and they don't have any other friends. He tells her she can crash at his place. She doesn't want him to get any more involved. Britt talks about falling for Ben and how hard it is to let go of that. He wonders if she'll take the baby and run. She gets a call from her mother.

At the gallery, Ava is shocked when she reads the article about Nakamura. She panics to her brother. Nathan shows up and tells Julian they need to talk. The men send her to the office so they can talk loudly while she eavesdrops. Julian implies that he wants her out of commission but refuses to run a false story for the cop. Nathan offers him an interview with Nakamura and tells him where he'll be staying. Once the cop is gone, Julian calls his sister out and tells her he's leaving. She reads the paper again and freaks out.

At Kelly's, Jordan informs Shawn and TJ that she's going to be working for Ava. They fill her in about the Jeromes and how TJ was used as a human shield. She's shocked but she's not quitting the job. She and Shawn argue about it but she won't back down. TJ isn't thrilled with this and leaves. Shawn asks Jordan what she's really up to. Meanwhile, Sam and Silas stroll in and sit at a table. They hope their plan is working and eat some pie. He wonders if they can trust Julian. She hardly knows the guy. Nathan arrives and fills them in.

Sonny and Carly are in Franco's room. The mobster needs to know if she will rat him out. She's not upset that AJ is gone but Michael loved him. They argue about how to honor that. Carly needs an explanation about how Ava is connected to this. He explains that Ava saw the shooting because AJ was strangling her. "I didn't shoot him because I had to. I shot him because I wanted to," he admits. He's glad Ava was there to help him out. He worries about his son. She wonders why AJ was attacking Ava in the first place. Carly isn't going to tell Michael. "We take this to our graves," she says. He thanks her.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Morgan wonders if Ava is hiding something.

Britt ponders her mother's scheme.

Brad wants to tell Felix everything.

Shawn worries about Jordan's past.

Nikolas worries that Liz may have spent the night with Ric.

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