Nathan calls Dante to tell him he's had no luck looking for his son. Lulu runs into the station and worries about Ben. Dante is reassuring. They notice Britt has been brought up from the cells. Diane appears. Dante and Lulu aren't thrilled to see the lawyer. Diane explains that Obrecht sent her. She has no idea what's been going on so they give her a newspaper. Once she is filled in, Diane declares that Britt has done nothing illegal. Lulu rants but Diane says 'misappropriating embryos' isn't a crime. Lulu rants more and the lawyer explains the law to them. Dante refuses to release Britt so Diane leaves to get a court order. Britt apologizes to the couple. That doesn't go over well. Diane returns with an order demanding her client's release. Lulu runs away in tears.

At Kelly's, Jordan worries to TJ and Shawn about AJ's killer being on the loose. Sonny strolls in and calls Shawn away. They head into the kitchen and Sonny breaks the news that Carly knows what happened. Meanwhile, Jordan worries about Sonny being a bad influence and then tells TJ that he's everything to her. That's why she's getting a job and sticking around. She spots a job ad and heads out. When Shawn returns, TJ tells him his mom is sticking around. Shawn warns him not to put too much stock in what Jordan says. TJ is confused.

Shirtless Nathan answers his door for Sam and Silas. They show him the article they planted in the paper about Nakamura still being alive. The PI and the doctor think it will trip Ava into their trap. Nathan thinks so too.

At Liz's breakfast table, Obrecht is disgusted by the fact that the nurse feeds her kids Froot Loops, even if they are surprisingly delicious. Liz is sure that someone must be looking for her. The doctor tells her no one is interested and shows her AJ's death notice. Liz is distraught but the Obrecht tells her to save 'the crocodile tears'. "Lady, you know nothing about me!" Liz moans. The doctor argues about what a great mom she is and trashes Lulu. Liz gets self-righteous so Obrecht gets threatening. Liz shakes in her boots. Obrecht explains that Britt will have a new life in a distant paradise. Liz tells the doctor her life in Port Charles is over. "Now you're the one who is delusional mouse and poopsie," says Obrecht. Lulu starts knocking on the door.

Ava strides into her gallery. Her brother wonders why she is so perky and guesses it must be because AJ croaked. They bicker about who killed the Quartermaine. He's about to show her the Nakamura article when Jordan shows up, looking for a job. Ava finds her resume skimpy. Jordan begs and plays the mother card. Ava stares at a picture of Kiki and offers her a job. Jordan's thrilled and runs off. Julian thinks that Ava just made a bad choice and Jordan is likely a spy for Sonny. He hands her the article about Nakamura. She starts twitching. While she's distracted, Julian sends a text to Silas and Sam.

Jordan returns to Kelly's and informs her son and Shawn that she is going to work for Ava.

Carly wakes up in bed with Franco. She's shaken by her memories of AJ telling her that Sonny shot him. Carly is reluctant to explain anything but Franco nags her. She's about to explain but Sonny shows up at the door. The mobster barges in. He wants Franco out. Carly asks her boyfriend to go but Franco demands to know what's going on. After some bickering, Franco leaves. Sonny asks Carly what she is planning to do.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny comes clean about AJ.

Ava eavesdrops on a conversation about Nakamura.

Britt turns to Brad for comfort.

Lulu visits Liz to talk about Ben.

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