At Wyndemere, Lulu interrupts Nik’s speech, screaming for Britt to get her hands off her son. Dante and Nik try to stop Lulu and Liesl accuses her of losing her mind. Nik blocks Lulu so Liesl can leave with Ben. Alexis, Julian, Sam and Silas decide to hit the road but Lucas decides to stick around with Brad. Lulu finally tells Dante and Nik that she has proof that Britt used their embryos and Brad was in on it. In another room, Tracy tells Sonny that she saw Julian with Luke in the stables. Julian and Luke enter just then and Sonny asks Luke why he would be with Julian. Luke says he ran into him when he went to grab a cigar and issued a warning to treat Lucas well. Tracy appears but Sonny asks to speak to Luke alone. He tells Luke that Julian has a backer and he thinks it’s Ric. Sonny doesn’t think Julian’s vendetta is only about power and territory. Luke suggests Sonny take out Ric. Sonny thinks that’s extreme but Luke says it’s kill or be killed. Sonny won’t dole out death that easily and Luke hopes Sonny is making the right decision. In Ben’s room, Liz tells Ric that Lulu knows the truth about her son. Ric tells her about Alexis and Sonny’s suspicions that he’s mixed up with Julian, but he insists he isn’t. Ric wants to get closer to Sonny but he can’t blame Sonny for not trusting him. He suggests gathering up Cam and hitting the road before Lulu turns the castle into a crime scene. Unless she wants to stay? He thinks she sees this as her chance with Nik. Liesl enters with Ben and tells them her grandson needs to sleep. Liz scoffs and tells her they know the truth and together they leave. Meanwhile, Lulu tells everyone about the letter but realizes she doesn’t have it. Britt pounces, screaming for Lulu to produce it. Liz enters just then, letter in hand. Britt tearfully begs Nik not to read it, but he does. Tracy enters and joins Lucas. Nik asks Britt for an answer and Liz scoffs. Nik turns on Liz. He calls her a hypocrite, Saint Elizabeth looking down on these moral beasts when she has upended plenty of lives of her own. He accuses her of orchestrating a public scene and throws her out. Ric steps in to take her home and Nik screams even louder about her judgment being with Ric. Lucas ushers Brad out as Nik threatens him too. Outside, Lucas demands Brad tell him how much he had to do with it all. Inside, Britt admits the truth. Dante cries about the guilt he felt over having a baby without Lulu. Lulu and Dante rejoice in the fact they have a baby and leave to get Ben. Nik has to hold Britt back from following them. Meanwhile, Liesl promises Ben she will correct the situation. When Dante and Lulu go to Ben’s room, they are both gone.

Julian and Alexis return to her place and she confesses that she had an ulterior motive when she invited him to the party. He assumes she was using him to make Ric jealous but she tells him that’s not the case. She asks him if Ric is calling the shots against Sonny. Julian tells her to go to hell. She knew how he felt and she took advantage of him. He hated lying to her when he came to town but once his identity was revealed he has only been honest. She admits she has feelings for him and he tells her to prove it. He accuses her of being afraid to take what she wants. They start going at it, but she pulls away. He wishes her luck finding someone who gives her a run for her money. She runs to him and they start ripping each other’s clothes off.

Sam and Silas return to his place. He invites her in for a single malt, some Bossa nova on vinyl, and some gratuitous nudity. She hears a door open inside and they find his place has been ransacked. Silas calls the cops while she pulls a gun out of her garter. Nathan emerges. He says he was responding to a call from one of Silas' neighbors and backup just left. He asks if any suspects come to mind and Sam has one – him. She accuses him of being obsessed with the case, desperate for evidence, real or manufactured. Nathan insists he just wants justice. Silas knows who did it.

At home, Liz gets Cam to sleep and thanks Ric for seeing her through the evening. He knows Nik won’t let this go anytime soon and suggests she let him go.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Silas tells Nathan to look into Madeline Reeves.

Madeline won’t take no for an answer from Carly.

Ric wants Liz to be with him.

Lucas thinks Brad must be tired of lying.

Nik thinks the only person to blame for everything is Britt.

Dante and Lulu tell Liesl she isn’t going anywhere.

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