At General Hospital, Liz looks at the invitation to Britt and Prince Nikolas' engagement party. She groans about it to Felix. Brad walks by and Felix sighs. He tells Liz they're no longer seeing one another. He was seeing someone else. He admits he was pushing him away for months and by the time he realized he wanted to be with him, Felix had moved on. Liz looks away, thinking of her own situation. Felix tries to lift her spirits.

Britt dreams Lulu has found out Ben's hers. She wakes up with a gasp, in bed with Nik at Wyndemere. Nik produces a dress for the evening before she heads to work. Later, Nik sees Emily's ghost. She tells him she wants his happiness. He is happy. Ghost Emily cautions him to ask himself if he's marrying the right woman. When she prompts him, he admits he loves Liz. He always will in a way but it's in the past. She asks, "Like the love we had?" He says nobody could ever take her place. He tells the apparition that Britt's his future. Ghost Emily tries to get him to smile but his smile turns to tears.

At Kelly's, Lulu tears up as a woman nearby tells her husband she's pregnant. Lucas shows up. He's seeing someone. Lulu yelps with delight. Lucas is considering inviting 'the boyfriend' to dinner tonight with Julian. Lulu admits she wants to go see Ben and confesses she's been having dreams that he's her son. Saying it aloud makes it sound crazy. She needs to accept Ben is Britt's son.

At the Jerome gallery, Julian asks Ric when they can move forth with the next phase of their partnership. Ava interrupts and introductions are made. Ava flashes to Sonny's accusations that someone's been bankrolling Julian's business for years and questions what Ric's doing for her brother. Julian tells her he's working as a lawyer but she argues that Diane's extremely thorough. Julian says she's unreachable and he's not sure she can be trusted. Ava snarks, "Oh? And he can?" Julian trusts him. They quibble and Ric leaves to let them hash it out. Bickering ensues. He throws the ELQ disaster in her face which makes her think he's trying to change the subject. She asks straight out if Ric is bankrolling him. He tells her nothing.

At home, Alexis flashes to Julian telling her that one day she'll run out of reasons to throw him out. She jumps when there's a knock at the door. It's Sonny, who needs her help. He fills her in on AJ and she asks if he's keeping something from her. He flashes to shooting AJ and reminds her he has an alibi. He's there about Julian and Ric. He wants to know who is funding Julian's business. Alexis scoffs, it can't be Ric. Sonny says it makes sense because Ric has had a grudge against him his whole life. He wants Alexis to get proof. He tells her to ask him to the engagement party. She's uncomfortable with that but he reminds her that's what he pays her for. "You're my client, not my pimp," she retorts. Eventually she agrees to it and calls Julian.

Brad finds Britt looking upset at the hospital. He wonder's what's up considering tonight's her engagement party. She tells him she doesn't deserve any of it. She sees the Nurses' Ball flyers and snaps. That's where it all started. Stealing Lulu's child at the time didn't seem real. How was she supposed to know Lulu would never be able to have kids again? She isn't sure how she can marry Nik with this hanging over their heads. Brad says if she confesses she'll lose everything. They'll lose their jobs. He gives her a pep talk and asks her to forgive herself. He goes and she writes an admission letter to Lulu about Ben being her son and begs forgiveness. Nearby, Elizabeth gets a call from Cameron's school. He's missing! Later, Brad meets Lucas, who invites him to the party. Felix spots them and wanders away, sadly.

Ric finds Cameron outside of Kelly's and calls Elizabeth to let her know he's with Cam. They head inside and Cam reveals he's upset that Spencer is bringing Emma to the party tonight. Liz walks in as Ric says he understands and tells him not to give up. He shoots Liz a look.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Shawn has questions for his guest's motives.

Britt destroys incriminating evidence about Ben.

Luke makes Kiki uncomfortable when he confronts her about their incident.

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