At Sonny's new office, Lulu tells him his support means a lot to her. He's thankful to her for making his son happy. She tells him about Dante being a father after all. He knew. It was a shock. Lulu hands over a 'World's Best Grandpa' mug as a present. She's happy for him and Olivia. He asks how she's doing with this and she smiles and chats up a storm about how natural of a father Dante is. That's not what Sonny asked. He wants to know how she feels about his son having a child that's not hers. She finds it awkward and has to accept that Ben's Dante's son and not hers. Sonny wants her to learn to love Ben as if he's her own. She leans in and admits part of her already does.

Anna and Dante arrive at AJ's. He shouts that somebody wants him dead. The cops think it was a burglary but AJ insists it wasn't. Anna takes a call from Patrick. She takes off and AJ blames Sonny. They argue and AJ realizes someone else wants him dead. He asks Dante to question his father. Dante goes and AJ pounds back the booze and flashes to letting Connie live. He drops his glass. "I didn't shoot her! Connie was still alive when I left," he says. He realizes Ava killed Connie.

Carlos scares Ava at her place. She wants to know what went down while she was in New York. He tells her he made his move and was about to shoot 'him' when somebody hit him over the head. He ran off, leaving his gun behind. Ava looks uneasy and calls him unprofessional. He shrugs. He can take care of himself. She's only worried this can be traced back to her. He's sorry. She fixes him a drink and he asks if she still wants AJ dead. She denies that. She can't risk AJ remembering the night Connie died. She needs to come up with another alibi. She'll be in contact when the time is right. He goes and AJ arrives.

At Ryan's, Delia gasps. Nakamura's not coming. Silas and Sam ask why. "He's dead." Nathan walks in. He says he's the one who called and introduces himself to Delia. Silas accuses him of stalking. Nakamura overdosed, Nathan tells them. He blames Silas. The ladies defend Silas and Delia admits he wasn't with them the whole time. He was with a patient. Nathan latches on to this but Silas fingers Ava Jerome. Nathan agrees to speak to her. They talk about Nina and Silas says he tried to see her for years but her parents wouldn't allow it. Nathan retorts that he'd have done anything to see his wife. He leaves. Delia asks if he knocked off Nakamura and Silas asks if Sam believes him. She does. He needs to find a way to see Nina.

At the Floating Rib, Prince Nik wants to hold an engagement party at Wyndemere. Britt doesn't really have friends and family to attend but Nik says his friends are hers. The baby gurgles and Britt asks if this includes Elizabeth. Nik assures Britt that Liz has agreed to put the baby drama behind them. Britt asks why Liz stopped by last night and Nik flashes to Liz confessing her love for him.

At General Hospital, Robin feels sad for Liz and for making a difficult situation harder. Liz's glad to have gotten her feelings out. Robin fills Liz in on leaving Port Charles. Liz is surprised. Why now and why so soon after she returned? Robin can't get into it but assures her friend if she knew the reason, she'd support her. Liz decides to trust Robin - no questions asked. They hug. Anna shows up to confront her daughter. Liz leaves them alone. Robin's sorry. She can't explain it all and asks her mother to believe in her. Anna tears up and decides to support her daughter's decision. They weep and flashback to a time they found their way back to one another in the past. They'll do it again. "It's not goodbye, it's see ya later," Robin muses and hugs her mother.

Back at the Rib, Liz walks in as Britt's asking Prince Nik why Liz was at the house. Nik says she was there to congratulate them on their engagement. Britt thanks her insincerely and takes the baby and goes. Inside, Liz thanks him for not telling the truth to Britt. She's embarrassed. He's not. They're friends and it'll be awkward but she's stuck with him.

Dante shows up at Sonny's office. Lulu gives them time alone and Dante tells him about AJ's break in. Does Sonny have anything to do with that?

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

AJ confronts Ava.

Robin and Patrick's private moment is interrupted.

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