Carly hobbles into Franco’s hospital room and tells him that Michael and Morgan have been there for her. Franco promises Carly that she doesn’t have to force Michael to see him. Michael has earned the right to hate him and Franco won’t get in the way. Carly repeats something Franco said to her in the catacombs - "We’re going to make it." Franco also remembers telling Carly that he loves her but her not saying it back. He promises to keep being the person she can count on and maybe one day she’ll love him back. "I do love you," she says. They kiss.

Nathan answers his door in just a towel. It’s Kiki, there for the ad about the sublet. But considering its Nathan, she just can’t live with the man who arrested her. He asks her to stay and talk about Silas. She has nothing to say because she believes that Silas is innocent. Nathan offers to get dressed while she looks over Silas’ file. Then she can decide if he’s innocent. After, Kiki tells him his file doesn’t prove anything and Silas is in New York trying to clear his name. He’s intrigued and she tells him to forget she said anything. She storms out and Nathan calls someone to tell them Silas is in New York.

Carlos calls Ava from outside the Quartermaine estate with AJ in his sights. Ava tells him to make it look like a robbery gone wrong. Carlos peeks inside and sees that Michael has joined AJ. Ava tells him to wait till Michael leaves, then kill AJ. Inside, Michael tells AJ that he and Kiki aren’t living together. He thinks Morgan and Ava even know each other better than him and Kiki. AJ thinks they can work it out. Michael knows it has been tough on AJ since the trial. When he drinks he’s not the person Michael knows. Instead, he’s angry and destructive. The night Connie died Ava even had to help Michael get AJ on the couch. AJ is surprised to hear Ava was at the house. Michael leaves and Carlos gets ready outside.

Ava works on her alibi by visiting a shocked Delia at Ryan’s. She tells her mom to take a load off but is shocked Delia declines. Delia goes off to the side and tries to call Silas and Sam but they are too busy having sex to answer. She leaves a message that they have to ditch the whole plan. Delia joins Ava at her table and asks for a picture of her granddaughter. Ava comments that Delia keeps looking at the door.

Sam and Silas snuggle in the hotel bed, excited to prove his innocence. Neither one of them thought it would be so easy to get Delia on their side. Sam isn’t entirely sure they can trust her. Silas thinks Delia seems sincere. They decide they have enough time for another round. Later, Sam sees Delia’s missed call.

Ava follows Delia from her table to the bar at Ryans’s so her back is to the door as Sam walks in.

Sonny goes to Kelly’s and asks Shawn if he found out who the backer to Barrett Enterprises is. Shawn tells Sonny whoever it is, they don’t want to be known. TJ joins them and tells them about Julian’s threats that he go to the cops. Sonny promises to take care of it. Later Shawn asks TJ where he saw Julian and TJ admits he was getting a hotel room with Molly and Julian showed up with Alexis. Shawn doesn’t think TJ did anything wrong and promises to talk to Alexis.

Julian shows up to check on Alexis at home. She tells him about the surprise arrival of Molly’s long lost father, Ric Lansing. Julian looks perturbed and asks what Ric said he was doing here. Alexis tells him he said it was to see Molly but she thinks Ric has another agenda. Julian ignores a call from someone and wonders if this is less about Molly and more about the two of them. Alexis doesn't think so and leaves to take Molly to school and asks Julian to watch Danny until he gets back. Later, Shawn knocks and Julian answers.

Olivia knocks on Ric’s hotel room door looking for the ID of the guest. She’s shocked to see Ric and wants to know why he’s in town. He tells her it’s to see Molly but she doesn’t buy it. She tells Ric not to get too comfortable. Outside, Olivia calls Sonny and tells him to get to the Metro Court. He joins her and she tells him Ric is back. She gives him the room key and asks him to be careful. Sonny let’s himself in.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Delia spills a drink all over Ava.

Silas and Sam are shocked to see Ava.

Alexis screams as Shawn lays Julian out.

Ric holds out a hand for Sonny to shake.

Tracy wonders if checking Luke out is the right thing.

Sabrina asks Patrick if he’s okay.

Robin tells Carly that if she had any idea she would bow down and worship her.

Carlos pulls a gun on AJ.

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