At the office, Shawn informs Sonny that Julian has been funded by Barrett Enterprises. Sonny doesn't think Brenda has anything to do with this, it must be her sister. Shawn suggests that he give Brenda a call. "That's problematic for more than one reason," Sonny says. He unpacks everything that happened with Brenda, but Shawn still thinks he should give her a call. He leaves the boss alone to do it. Sonny makes the call. He's informed that Julia sold her stake in the company years ago. He and Shawn wonder who could have taken over and why they would have it in for him.

Rafe walks into the Metro Court and spots Molly and TJ making out in the hall. He can guess why they are there. TJ tells him to mind his own business and herds Molly into the elevator. They head to their room. She wishes things weren't so weird with Rafe. They order room service. Molly keeps staring at the bed. Eventually, she decides to get changed. She comes out in a red outfit and he tells her she's beautiful. They make out and she says she's ready. Down in the lobby, Michael and Kiki argue about the Franco situation. Rafe interrupts and then tells Kiki he will see her later. After he leaves, Michael and Kiki wonder where they stand. He wants an apology. She groans and then barks that he owes her an apology. Michael lectures her for lying to him. They discuss her moving back in. She doesn't think it's the right move right now. It seems to both of them that they really don't know each other. "Are you breaking up with me?" he wonders. She loves him but thinks they need some distance. Kiki promises to call him.

Julian and Alexis are at her place playing with their grandson. He talks about how important family is. She wonders if he includes Ava in that. He's evasive. They put the kid to sleep. Before he can leave, he turns and they begin kissing. He lifts her up and is about to take her into the bedroom when Rafe interrupts. "Molly's not here," she says, in a pant. He tells her he just caught Rafe and Molly getting a room. The mother goes into panic mode and heads to the door. Julian stops her and says that this is what kids do. She doesn't want her kid to get pregnant like she did. Once they are gone, Rafe hopes Molly will realize TJ isn't the guy for her. Ric shows up at the door.

At the Metro Court, Alexis and Julian start banging on Molly and TJ's door. TJ answers, "Miss Davis!" he says.

AJ is getting drunk in the graveyard and yelling for Connie's ghost. She appears and reminds him that she is not real and doesn't have any answers. The hallucination points out that he must not be buying Ava's story if he keeps seeing her.

Ava meets with Carlos at a bar. He worries that he's walked into a trap. She assures him she has plans for him and explains that someone has been bankrolling Julian's operation. He's surprised to hear she is making a move against her brother. AJ stumbles in and begins demanding answers from Ava. Carlos walks away and Ava tells AJ he reeks. She repeats that she saw him with the gun and Connie on the floor. He's sure there is more to this. Ava reminds him that she protected him and he needs to let this go... or she will tell Michael what she knows. This upsets AJ. He starts yelping until Carlos drags him out. Carlos wonders why AJ was bugging her about Connie. "It's not like you killed her," he says. After seeing the look on her face, he wonders if she did.

At home, Emma refuses to accept her mom's excuses for leaving. Robin wanders into her bedroom and tells Patrick about this. He knows how the kid feels. "You have to let me go," she says. He knows but he's not happy about it. They don't know how to pack since they don't know where she's going. She doesn't want to pack; she just wants to spend time with him. Drake cries and refuses to pretend that things are fine. Robin worries that he doesn't love her anymore. He still loves her so she asks him to help her make a memory she can take away with her. They get undressed and have some somber sex. She promises that she will come back someday.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ava wants Carlos to do her dirty work.

TJ is shaken by what Julian tells him.

Molly is furious with her mom.

Silas and Sam look for another way to clear his name.

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