Ava and Morgan wake up in a hotel bed. She’s happy, but he wants more than a few hours in a hotel room. Ava’s sure once Sonny verifies the info she gave him about Julian they can be together.

At home, Patrick demands the truth and Robin finally admits that Jason is alive. She explains how Victor showed up as the new WSB head and told her Jason was pulled from the water. Patrick realizes she was going to abandon him and Emma without telling them the truth. "I can’t believe you are doing this to us again!" he rages. She asks him to try to understand and he does – Jason is the most important person to Robin. Two years ago she was willing to die and leave him alone with Emma, for Jason. Patrick begged her not to go into that lab but she did anyway. Robin tells him this isn’t about abandoning him, it’s about saving someone who has never let her down. "And I have?" he asks. She promises Patrick she loves him and he asks her to prove it by staying.

At Sonny’s Metro Court office, he and Shawn go over the information Ava brought them. They see that Julian has been tracking Corinthos business for months. An article about Jason’s death catches Sonny’s eye and he realizes Julian has been keeping tabs on his people for a long time. He then sees something that makes him and Shawn take pause. Sonny wants Ava back right now.

At Ava’s, Julian wonders if he can accept Lucas' sexualtiy. Ava returns and he demands to know what she did with his laptop. Ava accuses Alexis of trying to sow seeds of discontent between them. Julian thinks it’s more likely that Ava is trying to double cross him. Sister or not, if she pushes him up against a wall he'll take her out just like he did her sister. Ava warns Julian that she will do what she has to do to survive. She gets a text from Sonny and leaves.

At the hospital, Lucas labors over a Valentine’s Day text for Brad, editing it over and over before hitting send. Morgan joins him and they talk about Carly and Franco’s recovery – and relationship. Morgan doesn’t think it’s any weirder than him being with Ava. Their talk turns to Julian and Lucas tells Morgan he didn’t take the fact he was gay very well. But Lucas is thinking about giving Julian a chance. Morgan wants Lucas to know who he’s dealing with and tells him about Julian’s threats to his loved ones. They talk about their love lives and Lucas admits there’s a guy he likes.

At home, Felix asks Brad how bad things are with Britt’s baby lies. Brad slams a drink, then asks for a refill. Felix sees the text come through from Lucas and asks who he is. Brad tells him Lucas is a non-gay friend, but then Felix sees the half-naked picture of Lucas in Brad’s bed from earlier in the week. Brad admits they met at the Rib and one thing led to another, but Brad never thought he would see Lucas again. Felix wants to know if it was just once, but Brad tells him it was more than that. Felix asks Brad to leave.

Nikolas bursts into Dante and Lulu’s place with Britt and demands they hear her side about Dante being Ben’s father. A shocked Dante asks them to repeat the news and Britt offers to explain. Liz interjects that Britt stole Dante’s sperm from the lab. Britt admits she did it, but she was in a really bad place after Patrick dumped her. She tells them her mother came up with the plan to get pregnant, and Britt went along with it. Britt tells them she just found out Dante was the father today, which Liz scoffs at. They make arrangements for Dante to see the baby in the morning and leave. Liz explains she said nothing because Lulu had just told her how upsetting it would be for Dante to have a baby with someone else. She leaves Dante and Lulu with the results. Outside, Nikolas gets on one knee and asks Britt to marry him as Liz sadly watches. Inside, Lulu assures Dante this is amazing news. His son is going to be a part of both of their lives.

Ava returns to Sonny’s office and he asks her who she answers to. "No one," she says to him and Shawn. Sonny tells her that Julian's records show his media empire has a money man. Someone else has been bankrolling their organization for years.

Back at Ava’s Julian gets a call. "Speak of the devil," he says.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny learns that Ben is Dante’s son.

Lulu tells Tracy about the big baby news.

Liz admits to Robin that she is still in love with Nikolas.

Patrick tells Sabrina Robin won’t be here for the Nurses' Ball.

Franco tells Kevin the last time he saw Scotty he was on his way to Miscavige.

Anna questions Heather about Luke’s location.

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