In her apartment, Obrecht screams at the phone and misses her 'funny Valentine'. Victor shows up with some chocolates. She's not thrilled so he offers her some emeralds. She puts her nose up at that and asks him to find out what has happened to her Cesar. She's sure that something is amiss. Victor doesn't understand her interest and then drops hints that Robin will be disappearing again. Obrecht gags when she hears mention of 'the irritating twit'. He explains that he's given the doctor the chance to revive Jason. They contemplate ruining the Scorpios and then she gets flirty. They dig into the chocolates.

Brad arrives at Felix's place with red and white wine. They smooch and then Brad gives him a CD of his favorite music. Moved by this, Felix feels bad and confesses that the DNA test wasn't for the cops but for him and Liz. They didn't tell Brad because they were afraid he would tamper with the results. The DNA test showed that Dante is the dad. He wonders if Brad has known this all along. After some sighs, Brad confesses he did know... not only that, but a lot more.

When Nikolas gets to Wyndemere, Britt explains that there is something she needs to tell him about Liz. She backtracks and just tells him about the hairbrush. When she goes off to get ready for dinner, the prince shows the ring he got to Ben. Britt returns and finds the ring waiting on her plate. He drops to his knees and pops the question. She breaks into tears and says she can't. Slowly, she tells him about the paternity test that Liz ran, finally explaining that Dante is Ben's father. Nikolas hopes she wasn't aware it was Dante's sample she used to get pregnant. She blames everything on her mom and insists she didn't know. He's sure that they can work things out with Dante and promises that no one will take her baby away.

Liz arrives at Dante's with news about Britt. Lulu says they already know that Nik is proposing to her. After hearing that, Liz has to sit down. Lulu talks up Britt and Liz looks increasingly uncomfortable. Dante suddenly gets a call and has to run off. Lulu asks Liz if she's still smitten with the prince. The nurse insists that Britt is just a nightmare. Liz listens as Lulu talks about how she couldn't handle Dante having a baby with another woman.

At the hospital, Carly sits by Franco's side and begs him to wake up. After she does some yelling, his eyes open. A doctor is called in. He tells Franco to rest and then leaves. Carly reminds Franco of what happened to him and tells him she's on his side. She suddenly gasps as she recalls that someone actually found her. Carly calls Dante over. She tells him about the two guys who came after her and knocked Luke out before dragging him away. The cop leaves. Carly rests her head on Franco and he tells her this is all his and his mother's fault. She just blames his mom and assures him he's nothing like Heather.

Back at Lulu's, Liz decides that she has to leave. Before she can, Dante barges in with news. But before he can tell his wife about Luke, Nikolas arrives.

At home, Robin hides a picture of Jason as Patrick arrives. He's ready to celebrate the holiday. She puts a downer on that. "I'm leaving Port Charles," she announces, explaining she's heading back to Africa. He's confused so she tells him it's Obrecht's fault. Robin says she can only keep him and Emma safe if she leaves. He won't settle for this excuse and offers to disappear in Africa with her and their daughter. Robin refuses and reminds him he's having a child with Sabrina. He won't let a baby dictate the future of their family. "What if I don't want to be a family anymore?" she asks. He's shocked. She claims she's just 'faking it' by trying to be a family. Patrick thinks she must have PTSD but she begs him to just let her go.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick gives Robin an ultimatum.

Felix has doubts about his relationship with Brad.

Morgan warns Lucas about Julian.

Julian and Ava's loyalty is tested.

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