Duke shows up at Anna's door with flowers. She groans. He turns on the smarm but she's unreceptive. They bicker at the door about him being involved with Sonny. He's not prepared to give up on her. This finally gets him through the door. Their argument expands. He assures her he will walk away from crime when the Jeromes are destroyed. Anna thinks he's being naive and will wind up dead. Duke asks her to be brave. They debate and she refuses to close her eyes to what he's doing. He can't walk away from her but he wonders if she can walk away from him. Anna can't tell him to go so they start kissing.

At her place, Molly tries prepping for her SATs but TJ keeps throwing candy hearts at her. They make out. He whips off his shirt, but when he tries to unbutton hers, she leaps away. She's afraid they might go too far. TJ doesn't want to rush her and says that waiting is cool. Waiting isn't what she wants. They agree to have sex, but only when the conditions are right.

Ava shows up at Sonny's office with Julian's confidential files on a flashdrive. She hopes that proves her loyalty. Sonny plays it cool and sends her away. He tells Morgan to treat Ava like the enemy until they check out her information. They argue about this and Sonny forbids him to see Ava. As Morgan lumbers off, he gets a text from Ava but texts back that he can't see her. Olivia shows up as he leaves. Sonny fills her in about his son and Ava. She has lunch brought in and hopes that they can have some peace and quiet. Liv doesn't want to lose him in another mob war. Sonny's sure that everything is going in their favor. He pulls out a necklace for her and tells her how much he appreciates her sticking by him.

Morgan shows up at Ava's hotel room. She yanks him in. He's worried but she thinks everything will work out. They strip down and hit the sheets. After sex, he hopes his dad will see she's on his side.

Lulu is picking up socks at home when she finds a baby shoe. She hides it when Dante shows up but then shows it to him and sobs. Lulu says they need to make peace with never having a child. Nikolas shows up with his kid. Spencer gives Dante baseball tickets and Lulu a necklace. He mentions his dad got Britt a ring. Lulu gasps. Her brother admits he's going to propose tonight. She tells him he better being marrying her for love. Nik is. She's still worried and brings up Emily's death. The prince admits he's had some blunders but they made him ready for a life with Britt. Spencer wants to see the proposal but his father tells him he'll call him with news.

Liz shows up at Wyndemere. Britt and the baby answer the door. Pushing her way in, Liz whips out a hair brush. After they argue about that, Liz pulls out a copy of the DNA test and taunts that she knows Dante is Ben's father. Liz explains how she figured all of this out. Britt shrugs and asks her what she wants. The nurse explains that she's going to tell Dante everything. They start bickering. Britt accuses her of just wanting Nikolas for herself to cover-up how deeply she screwed things up with Lucky. "You're nothing but a lying cheating whore," says Britt. Liz slaps her for that. They start throwing each other around the room. Running out the door, Liz says Dante will know everything soon. Left alone, Britt tells the baby how much she loves him. She was never expecting that. Nikolas arrives and sees her sobbing. "There's something I need to tell you," she says.

Liz shows up at Dante's door.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Anna and Duke get passionate.

Molly wants her first time to be special.

Nikolas gets a Valentine's Day surprise.

Franco fights for his life.

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