Morgan gives Sonny an update on Carly’s improving condition at his new Metro Court office. Neither of them agree with Carly’s relationship with Franco but they’re glad she’s okay. Morgan asks about Ava and Sonny tells him the jury is out until Ava proves herself in a big way. Morgan leaves and calls Ava.

At home, Ava plugs a flash drive in Julian’s computer to download the dirt she needs to prove herself to Sonny. Alexis shows up to see Julian and Ava suggests Alexis is glomming on to the one man showing an interest on Valentine’s Day. Alexis tells Ava that Lucas revealed he was gay and Ava isn’t shocked it didn’t go over well with her bigoted brother. Ava takes a call from Morgan. He wants to celebrate their reunion tonight. She tells him she’s working on what she needs to bring Julian down right now. Meanwhile, Alexis moves to the laptop and Ava barks at her to stop because Julian is downloading files. After Alexis leaves to find Julian at the hospital, Ava removes the completed flash drive.

Morgan returns to Sonny’s office and tells him Ava will be true to her word. Sonny wants Morgan to really think about being with a woman who would give up her own brother. Morgan is fine with it because he now knows he is more important to Ava than Julian is. Later, Ava arrives and hands over the drive with all of Julian’s confidential files.

At home, Lulu dreams she and Dante are Ben’s parents but wakes up gasping when Ben suddenly disappears. She wonders why she would dream about Ben and not baby Georgie. They think it must be because of all the time she was spending at Wyndemere and they agree Britt actually seems decent. Dante opens up to Lulu about how sad he has been without her and the baby. He tears up and apologizes for how wrong he was in trying to be strong. She admits she was lost without him and they kiss.

At Wyndermere, Spencer catches Britt wondering to Ben if Liz suspects her. He grills Britt about what Liz suspects but Britt plays it off. Nikolas secretly watches as Spencer gives Britt a big box of chocolates. When Nikolas approaches, Spencer asks what he got Britt for Valentine’s Day. Britt leaves them alone to talk. Niklolas asks Spencer what he would think if he asked Britt to marry him. Spencer gives his dad his blessing and suggests he use a family heirloom. Nikolas wants a new ring that isn’t cursed and asks Spencer to help him pick it out. Spencer agrees and they tell Britt they are off to get something special.

At the hospital, Julian warns Kiki to be careful of Ava. Meanwhile, Felix and Liz await the lab results. Felix worries Brad will find out and she tells him she didn’t use Dante or Ben's real names. Meanwhile, Lucas gets on the elevator. Brad accuses Lucas of following him, but Lucas is only there to see Carly. Lucas does tell Brad about his disappointing conversation with Julian about his sexuality. Brad reveals how his adopted father was upset when he came out too, but he eventually came around. Brad gives him a hug just as Julian walks up. Brad gives them space and Julian apologizes. His father was very conservative and Julian started thinking the same. Lucas accepts. Meanwhile, Brad has the paternity test results for Liz, but needs a name since Obrecht is laying down the law. Liz tells him the police lab is backed up and it is for Dante. Obrecht won’t allow more lab tests for the cops, but since it is already done he hands it over. Felix pulls Brad aside and asks him to be his Valentine date. Brad agrees. Lucas returns to Brad and tells him that Julian apologized. Lucas asks Brad out, but Brad declines. He tells Lucas he’s serious about Felix. Later, Alexis finds Julian and he thanks her for the progress he was able to make with Lucas. She mentions her dust up with Ava over the computer and he tells her he wasn’t downloading any files. Later, Kiki runs into Michael and he updates her on Carly’s condition. Kiki kept telling Michael that Franco was innocent but he wouldn’t listen to her. She understands why he doesn’t trust Franco but he didn’t trust her judgment. Michael blames Franco for never reporting Heather’s escape. Kiki wonders if he ever thought about the fact that his mom would be dead if she didn’t help Franco. Michael can’t get over the fact Franco lied about Heather and Kiki backed him. Later, Liz reads the results and tells Felix she was right – Dante is Ben’s father.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Duke asks Anna if she’s prepared to walk away.

Sonny thinks he might have the key to Julian’s downfall.

Ava was unsure Morgan would come to her.

Molly watches TJ take his shirt off.

Nikolas asks Lulu for her blessing.

Britt hurls insults at Liz and gets punched in the face.

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