At his apartment, Silas wishes Sam had joined him in the shower. She didn't want to be a water hog. He confesses that he's innocent but feels guilty for not telling her about the will. Peering out the window, he rehashes his troubled marriage and wonders if he subconsciously wanted Nina's money. Sam gets pizza and puts it on the bed. "You're an angel," he says before spotting pineapple on the pie. He's horrified but she shoves it in his mouth. Silas hates it. They laugh and hit the sheets. As they eat post-sex pizza, he tells her he's never been happier. They worry about his legal problems and she suggests they get the goods on Ms. Jerome. He just wants to find out what happened to Nina and make the culprit pay. She thinks they should head for New York to get information. They agree to stop talking and have more sex.

At the Corinthos Coffee office, Ava confronts AJ about killing Connie. Sonny shows up and he's not thrilled that AJ is there. After some bickering, AJ leaves. Sonny asks Ava if she is really willing to stab her own brother in the back. She's doing it for Morgan. Besides, she's never had a real relationship with Julian. Ava explains the situation with Silas and how Julian used Morgan. Sonny understands that she loves his son but that's not enough. She asks for a chance to prove herself and offers to serve up her brother to him. "Do what you have to do. I'll believe it when I see it," he says. Before she leaves, she tells him AJ didn't sound remorseful when he was talking to her about Connie earlier. Ava saunters out.

AJ visits Connie's grave. He wonders if Ava has been telling the truth. Connie appears. He stutters and she can smell the vodka on his breath. AJ tells her everything Ava said and they pick her story apart. "Please tell me what really happened that night?" he begs. She reminds him that she's a figment of his imagination and suggests that he start using his brain.

Carly and Franco are wheeled into the hospital. They hold hands and are then separated. A doctor checks her over and she's fine. Carly's brother and mom show up to fuss. She says Franco saved her and worries about him. Lucas wanders off to get an update. When he peers into the trauma room, he sees doctors and nurses trying to restart Franco's heart.

At the office, Michael and Morgan worry about Ava meeting Sonny. Morgan explains that Ava is not the enemy anymore. They debate this. The topic turns to Kiki and her relationship with Franco. Eventually they get a call from Bobbi. She tells them that Carly is okay. The brothers are thrilled and head for the hospital.

Michael and Morgan arrive at the hospital to see their mom. She fills them in about how Franco saved her. Lucas returns, looking flushed. He tells them Franco has stabilized but he's been brought to the OR. Carly wants to see him but Michael asks her to take care of herself. Lucas sits down in a chair. His mom starts quizzing him for looking pensive. He fills her in about his run-in with Julian. "It's obvious he can't accept me for who I am," he says. Franco is rushed down the hall. Carly manages to stop the gurney for a second and promises to wait for him. He's wheeled off.

Alexis finds Julian sitting by her door. She doesn't want to talk but he insists this isn't about them. He wants to talk about Lucas but she thinks he should be talking to his sister. Julian promises he's not making a move on her so they go in. She pours a drink and he breaks the news that his son is gay. He's not thrilled about it. She tells him he has to accept it anyway. Sitting down, they discuss his male role models and he explains his father didn't think much of gays. Alexis warns him he better learn to be accepting if he wants a relationship with his son. He's thankful for her advice. They share a lukewarm goodbye.

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It’s Valentine’s Day in Port Charles and along with the romantic holiday comes joy as well as pain.

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