Sonny packs up his old office when Morgan comes by and tells Sonny that he and Ava aren’t done. Ava could be with them and leave her brother. Sonny wants Morgan to be happy but won’t welcome that snake into the fold. Morgan stakes his life that Ava can be trusted and Sonny asks if he is willing to risk Dante’s or Michael’s lives instead. Morgan wants Sonny to ask Ava himself to find out if she can be believed. Isn’t it worth ending the war between them to check it out? Sonny agrees and heads over to the Metro Court – alone.

Ava warns AJ that being in Sonny’s Metro Court office isn’t smart considering this is the place where he killed Connie. AJ remembers seeing Ava that night coming off the elevator. He thinks maybe Ava took the gun, went inside and killed Connie herself. She tells him he is way off the mark. She was there to see her brother Derek, who resided in the office at the time. She was terrified when she saw AJ. When he dropped the gun she looked in the office and saw Connie. She knew Sonny would kill her and her bother if he caught her with the body, so she picked up the gun using a handkerchief, put it in her purse and took off. She found AJ with Michael at the estate, but had to leave to meet her brother. She couldn’t risk being caught with the gun, so she tossed it and thought it landed in the water. AJ accuses her of planting the gun at the boathouse to frame him. Ava tells him that Tracy had kicked her to the curb and Ava knew with AJ’s shares she could turn the tide at ELQ. She got rid of the murder footage from the security tape, but forgot the disk that placed AJ at the scene with the gun. She tells AJ she saw the footage and saw him shoot Connie. He asks to see the footage to be sure she isn’t lying. She tells him she burned it. Sonny arrives and asks AJ what he’s doing there.

Scott pulls Luke’s wig off in his cell at Miscavige. The orderly locks Scott in the padded cell with Luke while he screams. Luke continues to blubber incoherently until Scott punches him in the face. Scott unties Luke but first, puts the wig back on and snaps a pic. Luke tells Scott that Heather has Carly and they have to get to her before she kills her. Scott can’t get Luke out of the straight jacket and they both yell for help.

At PCPD, Alexis urges Anna to charge Silas or release him. Nate admits Scott didn’t approve charging him but is insistent Silas tried to murder his wife. Nathan just needs more time to prove it. Anna agrees to release Silas for now. Downstairs, Sam visits Silas in his cell. She tells him that someone left a copy of the will in Nathan's mailbox. Silas thinks it was Ava but Sam isn’t so sure. Ava denied doing it and Sam believes her. Alexis comes down and tells Silas he is being released. Sam and Silas kiss and make plans to go home. Later, the lab results on the hair found in the grave came back and Anna is surprised it isn’t from Carly. She calls Miscavige and asks them to do a bed check on Heather. The orderly lies and tells Anna that Heather is snug as a bug in a rug. Nikolas arrives and tells Anna the kids saw Franco and Heather, and he thinks they are at Wyndemere.

Franco enters the catacombs and finds Carly pinned under the rubble. He frees her in and grabs her in an embrace. She can’t walk so Franco lifts her up and promises her things will be fine. Heather arrives and begs to differ. Franco tells her she isn’t his mother. He screams that Susan is his mother and Alan is his father while Carly holds his face. He gently puts Carly down, then he grabs the knife. "Never bring a knife to a gunfight," Heather says. She shoots Franco. He then grabs the knife and stabs Heather in the foot. They struggle over the gun but Anna and Nathan arrive just then with guns drawn. Heather begs them to let her finish but Anna reads Heather her rights. Carly promises Franco he’s going to be okay. She begs him to stay with her as Heather cries for her son as she’s led off. Franco struggles to talk. He tells Carly he loves her and didn’t know what that would feel like until she taught him. He passes out as she yells that she loves him too.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Alexis is surprised to find Julian.

Silas has a confession for Sam.

Michael tells Morgan that Ava is the enemy. Morgan replies, "Not anymore."

Ava asks Sonny for a chance to prove himself.

AJ gets a ghostly visit from Connie.

Carly has a bad feeling.

Franco is in medical distress.

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