Victor makes a call outside Wyndemere, to Robin, asking her to hurry and make a decision about whether or not she wants to save Jason. He heads in and Spencer asks why he was at Emma's house. Victor tells him never to tell a soul he saw him with Emma's mother. In another room, Britt and Nik speak with a contractor about the noise they heard in the tunnels. Prince Nik opens the doors. "How very uh Scooby-Doo of you," the man says before turning on his flashlight. Meanwhile, in the catacombs, Heather finds the knife and Carly begs for her life. The contractor comes upon them. "What the hell?"

Detective West arrives at Metro Court. In Scotty's doorway, Franco's hidden while West tells Scott about the will he received which gives Dr. Clay motive for killing his wife. Scott suggests he give people the benefit of the doubt. That's what he's going to do. The cops arrive. They have a lead on Franco having been spotted at the hotel. Scott heads back inside and Franco gloats about his father lying for him. Scott searches the hall, concerned it's a matter of time someone finds him. He tells Franco to meet him at the park. Franco thanks his father and goes. West returns with the police and he allows them to search his room.

Ava arrives at Sonny's office to see Morgan but he reminds her he promised his dad he'd stay away from her. She knows it's not what he wants. They start making out until Morgan comes to his senses. He asks her to leave Julian and join his father's side. Ava can't do it. Julian's her brother but Morgan scoffs that he'd turn on her in a moment. She considers it but can't betray him. Eventually, Morgan convinces her. They kiss and he goes to get Sonny. Ava looks as though she's going to faint and hopes this isn't a big mistake.

At the park, AJ remembers Ava come out of the elevator after Connie was killed and asks what he has done. Nearby, Emma goes sliding with Cameron and Liz and Robin joke about his competition with Spencer for Emma's heart. Cameron takes a photo of him with Emma and texts it to Spencer on the sly. While Robin goes to get coffee, AJ rushes to Liz to tell her he remembers the night Connie was killed. She smells booze on his breath and won't listen. Robin bumps into TJ, Molly, and the baby. Robin gazes at Danny, Jason's son, smile frozen in place.

Back at Wydemere, Spencer receives the text. Upset, he says he'll keep his Uncle Victor's secret if he helps him. In the catacombs, Heather stabs the contractor while Carly gapes in horror. In the manse, Britt's search for her hairbrush is interrupted when Victor asks if he can take Spencer sledding in the park. Britt and Nik say they were about to take Ben there. It'll be a family affair. Back in the catacombs, the contractor dies and Heather wipes his blood off on his hoodie and calls it 'inconvenient'. Carly's disgusted and begs. Heather tells her to can it but Carly says she forgot one important thing. Her time of death! Heather cusses. It would have gone smoothly. "If it weren't for Luke Spencer and those meddling kids."

Back at the park, Prince Nik, Britt, Ben, Victor, and the kids arrive and Nik notices how intense AJ's acting toward Liz. He says he'll take care of it himself. He runs away. Meanwhile, Spencer gives Emma the Fabergé egg and Cameron stares at his feet, sadly. Victor reads the news about Franco being on the loose and sees a photo of Heather, the woman he saw at Wyndemere. "Dear God," he swears. Nearby, Britt privately asks Liz if she saw her antique hairbrush. Liz tells her to keep a better eye on her things and recalls a time not long ago when a DVD for Cameron went missing from a gift bag. She was there. She didn't have anything to do with it did she? Elsewhere, Robin holds Danny and talks about Jason being 'better than the best'. TJ talks about what ifs. Franco arrives nearby and eavesdrops on Victor as he asks if they saw Heather. They have so he runs off. Franco asks if the kids will talk to him about the woman they saw at Wyndemere. They tell him everything they know and later tell Nik. Victor finds Robin, who tells him. "I'm in."

Scott visits Miscavige to see Heather. They let him into her room and he's shocked at who he sees...

Back at Sonny's office, Ava gets a text from AJ and sneers. "What does that lush want with me?" AJ walks in.

Franco rushes in as Heather gets rid of the contractor's body.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Information leading to the murderous Heather and the captive Carly’s whereabouts comes to a head – but the rescue attempt goes horribly awry.

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