Morgan arrives at the office and shocks Sonny with the news that Kiki helped Franco bust out of jail. They discuss Julian and Morgan says he hasn't contacted him but Ava has. He hasn't responded to her texts but doesn't like it. He shouts that Ava became everything to him. How he'll go on without her? He starts to break down. Sonny's sorry and felt this way when Connie died. The only reason AJ's breathing is because of Michael.

Ava visits Kiki in the interrogation room at GHPD. Kiki insists it was her idea to help Franco, not his. Downstairs, Sam meets Alexis and says Silas is trying to keep it together. Julian hasn't texted but is supposed to be trying to get Ava to admit she killed his wife. Alexis thinks Julian's sincere in trying to gain Sam's trust and since it's been 48 hours, the cops have to let him go unless they have something. Nathan comes upon them and tells them they do have something. They head upstairs and he tells them it looks as though Dr. Clay killed his wife for her money because he was named the beneficiary in her will. A will that just showed up in his inbox. In the interrogation room, Kiki tells her mother she believes in Franco's innocence and knows Ava didn't take Carly, either. She blames Heather and says Michael was there. If it was up to him, she'd be locked up for good. They get into it about Morgan and Ava admits Sonny forced Morgan to give her up. Kiki is appalled she's making this about her. Ava's sorry and promises to call a lawyer. In the other room, Alexis and Sam wonder where the will came from. Ava walks out of the interrogation room and they accuse her of anonymously giving Nathan the will. She denies it.

At the graveyard, Lucas tells Julian he's gay. Julian's dismayed and uncomfortable with this. Is he sure? Lucas says yes. "I'm attracted to dudes. I sleep with dudes. I love macramé." Julian says, "Mmmmmacramé." Lucas is kidding about that part. He doesn't even know what macramé is. Julian laughs nervously and wonders if he might have turned out different if he had a strong male influence to teach him about sports and women. Lucas scoffs. He's captain of his gay football team in Seattle and was taught about girls. The man who brought him up accepted him and was proud of him. He told him not to let anyone make him feel less of a man for being gay. "That's what a real father does." Lucas doesn't care about blood or DNA. Julian's not his father. Julian asks for time to get used to this but Lucas flies off the handle. He was born this way, unlike Julian who chose to become a mobster. Julian can't accept Lucas so Lucas leaves and Julian leaves Alexis a message asking her to meet.

Franco arrives at Scotty's doorstep in disguise. Scotty tries closing the door in Franco's face but it's futile. Franco asks for Scotty's help in saving Carly. He explains he killed Heather and buried her because she was about to kill Carly. Scotty tries wrapping his brain around how Heather could still be alive after all this. Franco knows. "Next time, wooden stake," he says and brings up the note Heather left at the grave. The cops might have it. Franco asks Scotty to go to Miscavige and talk to Heather. Suddenly, Detective West shows up.

In the rubble in the catacombs, Heather gets up and searches for Carly. She finds her cut and unconscious under some beams. She thinks she's dead and provides mouth to mouth. Carly gasps and opens her eyes. Heather explains she saved her life so she could kill her properly. Moments later, she finds the knife.

Michael finds AJ at the park and tells him about Kiki helping Franco escape. Michael fills AJ in about Kiki believing Franco was set up by Heather. AJ admits he is starting to remember what happened the night Connie was killed. He flashed to having a gun in his hand and being unable to stand up. He heard the elevator door ding and someone got off. Michael thinks that could have been her killer. AJ wonders who that could be. Soon, Michael leaves and AJ has a drink and remembers seeing Ava in the elevator with a gun. "Ava! It was Ava!"

Ava shows up at Sonny's office and comes face-to-face with Morgan.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Morgan has a suggestion for Ava.

AJ remembers more about the night Connie was killed.

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