At Wyndemere, Spencer overhears Victor tell someone on the phone that no one knows the real reason he’s in Port Charles. Victor offers an unimpressed Spencer a Faberge egg to gift to the girl of his dreams. In another room, Nikolas and Britt discuss Ben’s rash. Nikolas tells her Liz is filling the prescription. He knows Liz isn’t Britt’s favorite person but he told Liz how important Britt is to him. They make out until Spencer and Victor interrupt. Victor asks Spencer to take good care of the egg before he leaves. Nikolas calls someone to look at the crumbling catacombs, then he and Britt discuss Victor’s gifts, including a silver hairbrush for Ben.

At home, Patrick and Robin decide honesty will get them through the news about the baby before Patrick takes Emma to school. Victor arrives and Robin asks for proof that Jason is alive. He puts a disk in his computer. After she is done watching the footage, Robin believes. Victor tells her she will have to leave her family behind and not tell anyone what she is doing. Outside, Spencer arrives with the egg for Emma and is surprised to see Victor through the window. Robin wonders what believable reason for leaving she could tell her family. Victor thinks there has to be some trouble in paradise she can exploit. Spencer watches Victor leave.

Dante finds Lulu sleeping on a bench at PCPD. He grabs her some coffee and they discuss the bloody sheet and note in the grave. Dante assumes Franco wrote it in Carly’s blood but the message doesn’t make sense to Lulu if Franco already had Carly. Another officer hands Dante new evidence – a long blond hair. Dante asks Lulu not to worry yet and offers to get it tested. Meanwhile, Kiki is led into the interrogation room where Michael is waiting. He demands to know if she heard from Franco before he texted her from Kelly’s and she admits she had. Michael gets increasingly angry with her for helping Franco escape and accuses her of turning her back on him when he needed her the most. Kiki insists that she thinks Heather is the one to blame, but can’t back it up when Michael presses for more information.

Brad wakes up in bed with Lucas. Brad is upset about his choice but Lucas doesn’t regret a thing. They go at it again before Brad gets ready for work. Lucas wants to come with to get Dante’s prescription but Brad insists Lucas stay in bed and he’ll get it. Lucas hops back in bed and snaps a selfie.

At the hospital, Sabrina and Felix discuss how upset Carlos was about not raising the baby. Later, Liz tells Felix that Britt and her mom stole sperm from the lab and she thinks Dante is the donor. Felix asks her how she is going to prove it. She is going to run a DNA test. Liz is going to take the prescription to Wyndemere to get Ben’s DNA and she hopes Felix will get Dante’s. He is reluctant because busting Britt would mean busting Brad too, but agrees. Later, Sabrina runs into Patrick and tells him that she told Carlos the truth. He told Robin too. Patrick insists he will always be there for her and the baby, no matter what. Later, Dante arrives with lab samples for Brad and asks him to put a rush on it. Felix hands Dante his prescription and takes an empty water bottle off his hands.

Carlos meets Julian in the graveyard. He has been laying low in case Sonny or Julian decided to finish him off. Julian tells Carlos he wouldn't do that and they are good. Carlos admits to Julian how miserable he is now that he won’t be starting a new life with Sabrina. Julian thinks it’s commendable that Carlos was willing to raise another man’s child. Julian’s son Lucas isn’t too eager to get to know him. Julian wants to reach out to him but doesn’t know how. Suddenly, Lucas turns the corner. He is there to see Tony Jones’ grave, his father who died eight years ago today. Julian asks Lucas to stay so they can get to know each other. They discuss the fact Lucas doesn’t have a girlfriend and Lucas tells Julian he’s gay.

Liz goes by Wyndemere with the prescription and apologizes to Britt. She watches as Britt brushes Ben’s hair. Later, Britt realizes the brush is missing.

Liz returns to the hospital with Ben’s sample, and Felix has Dante’s. Together they head off to the lab.

Dante returns to PCPD and Lulu is still there. She didn’t want to go home without him and they leave together.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nathan tells Sam that Dr. Clay tried to kill his wife for money.

Sonny questions Morgan about whether Ava has reached out to him.

Ava demands Kiki tell her exactly what happened.

AJ is starting to remember the night that Connie was killed.

Lucas tells Julian he isn’t his father.

Franco goes to Scotty for help.

Heather thinks Carly is dead.

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