At PCPD, Nathan brings Dante coffee as an apology for overstepping his boundaries last night. Dante admits he and Lulu are making headway but the case is getting in the way. They watch Kiki speak with Franco in a holding cell and try to figure out what they're going to hold Franco on since there's no body. Inside, Kiki's sorry she couldn't prove Heather's framing him. Franco is certain she didn't see Heather because he killed her. Kiki jumps up and yelps. Could the knife the police have be the one he used on Heather? She starts considering she didn't really see Heather and asks him to tell the police. He refuses. He spots a paperclip on the floor and asks Kiki to hand it to him. Outside the room, Dante reads a note from Heather in Franco's bible and learns Heather didn't like her son's association with Carly. How did it end up in his hands since Heather's locked up? Dante's latex allergy acts up as he's removing evidence. Suddenly, Kiki rushes out of the holding cell yelling about how much she hates Franco. She feigns passing out while Franco removes his cuffs and is almost out the door when Dante catches him. Franco has to find Carly and rushes out the door. Dante shoots!

Lulu finds a rash on Ben's arm at Wyndemere. A freezing cold Nikolas walks in. He didn't find any chupacabras. Outside, Heather forces Carly into to the Wyndemere catacombs and ties her to a pole. Back inside, Nikolas shows Lulu the huge knife. Outside, Heather goes into a panic after realizing Prince Nik has her knife. What's she going to do? Back inside, Nik and Lulu ponder how the knife got there and Lulu tells him about Ben's rash. Nik says it's an allergy to latex. Lulu chuckles. Dante has the same allergy. She laughs about the irony when Nik fills her in on all of the other allergies Ben and Dante share. Back outside, Heather breathes and tells herself she can control her life. She runs off to the stables to find the knife. When she's gone, Carly works at getting her binds off. Later, Heather returns empty-handed. Nikolas must have the knife. She's pissed and runs to the house to find the knife. Later, Nik's baffled after learning Alfred's never seen the knife before.

At the hospital, Liz finds Sabrina and tells her she doesn't feel comfortable not telling Patrick that her baby is his. Emma pops up, confused. Who is the baby's daddy? They distract her and Emma starts looking up chupacabras to see if it's real. Sabrina assures her they're not. Emma assures Sabrina if she was having her daddy's baby she'd love it because she loves her. By the hub, Patrick leaves a message for Robin. Britt finds him and says she's sorry for manipulating him by telling him the baby she was carrying was his. She explains she didn't get it and didn't have much of a role model because of her parents. Her world changed when she had a baby. She smiles. She changed because of Ben and Nikolas and wishes she could take everything that she did to him back. Patrick says it's fine. It's awkward when Britt says she hopes he and Robin have a baby soon. Later, Sabrina finds Patrick and says she's sorry. She lied. He's the father of her baby.

At Robin's, Victor Cassadine tells her the two "dead" Cassadines are no more dead than she is and she's going to help bring them back and restore the Cassadine family back to their former glory. She has no intentions of doing such a thing. Besides, they're dead. Victor says they're being preserved in the cryogenic lab. Robin thinks the world without Helena and Stavros is a better place. Mac arrives and Victor and his thugs hide. Mac says Robert's flight left but forgot to give her a necklace with a frog charm. It brings good luck. She's glad because Obrecht's giving her a hard time. Mac wonders what sort of information that woman could have given WSB to allow her that kind of power at the hospital. Soon, he takes off and Victor and his goons come out of hiding. He tells her the good luck charm is already working. She's going to help someone else in addition to the others. He shows her a photo of Jason.

Britt arrives at Wyndemere. Lulu thanks her for encouraging her and Dante to give each other another chance. Britt's glad it's working out. They discuss the coincidence that Ben and Dante have the same rash. Outside, Heather returns to Carly muttering, "It's not a major setback because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people fear me!" She tells Carly she's off to find another knife.

Port Charles spoilers for the next General Hospital:

Dante and Nathan chase after the wounded Franco.

Victor sternly warns Robin that she cannot tell anyone of his plan to keep alive someone close to her heart.

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