Alexis pounds on Ava’s door but an abs-baring Julian answers instead. She sees he’s beat up but doesn’t want to know what happened. She tells him to let Ava know she stopped by. Julian stops her from leaving and offers to help her with something. He knows about Sam’s dilemma with Silas after running into her at the station, but Ava didn’t confirm or deny setting Silas up. Alexis suggests Julian got involved to get in Sam’s good graces. He admits he’ll do anything to get into his kids’ lives – and hers. He tells Alexis how attracted he is to her and asks her to deny she feels it too. He pulls her close and wonders if maybe he isn’t dangerous enough for her. He pulls her even closer and they start making out. She breathlessly pulls herself away and runs off.

From home, Sonny calls Shawn and asks him to keep vigilant about Jerome retaliation. Duke lets himself in and tells Sonny that Anna knows they are working together, thanks to Julian. Sonny understands if Duke has to walk away to protect his relationship. Duke makes himself clear – he has no intention of walking away. Julian will continue to take until he’s stopped. Duke is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect his loved ones. Sonny gives him one more out, but Duke would rather have Anna alive and hate him than not alive at all.

Robert visits Anna at the station and tells her he got no information from the WSB about Obrecht’s release. Anna reveals that Duke has been working for Sonny. Robert isn’t surprised, which makes Anna mad. She blames Robert for not telling them that Julian was alive, then apologizes. She really blames Julian for coming back to Port Charles. Duke thinks it’s his responsibility to get rid of Julian once and for all, but Anna has to stay on the right side of the law. She knows she has no room to talk after what she did to Faison, but she can’t turn a blind eye while Duke chats with known criminals. They hug, and Robert tells Anna he’s leaving town to help Holly get Ethan out of a jam. He thinks they make a great team and is glad they had this adventure together.

Franco sneaks into Kevin’s office. Kevin wants Franco to turn himself in and prove his innocence in court. Franco promises he had nothing to do with Carly’s disappearance. Kevin is skeptical, but Franco begs him to help him find who really did it. Kevin agrees to help and leaves Franco alone in his office. Tina, a patient, shows up looking for Kevin. She straightens up his desk while she chats. She thinks she recognizes Franco and he tries to throw her off by pretending he’s Kevin’s assistant. She reluctantly agrees to come back in the morning.

Lucy and Scott have sex at his place again and he asks her to divorce Kevin. She loves Kevin and gets upset when Scott disses him. Lucy hops up but Scott stops her from leaving just as Kevin knocks on the door. Lucy hides. Kevin comes in and tells Scott that Franco is his patient and asking him to hide him from the cops. Since Carly is in danger Kevin couldn’t keep quiet, but he came right to Scott because Lucy is his friend. Scott asks Kevin to keep Franco busy and Scott will do the rest. Kevin leaves and Lucy is filled with guilt. Scott calls the cops and tells Lucy to go home to her husband - she has been dying to since she got there. Lucy tells Scott he’s her best friend and the father of her child. He means so much to her. She didn’t know this was going to get so complicated.

Dante catches Nathan looking cozy with Lulu at the Floating Rib and pulls them apart. Nathan tells Dante he was only comforting her because she’s upset about Dante. He leaves them alone to work out their problems. Lulu tells Dante she knows she’s been running from him and their life. She was angry when he didn’t lie for her, but she shouldn’t have blamed him for losing Connie. She takes his hands and tells him she should never have walked out. Can he forgive her? Dante loves her more than anything and doesn’t want to think about a future without her. Nathan interrupts with news about Franco.

Kevin returns to his office and tells Franco he’s sorry before leading Nathan and Dante in, guns drawn. They arrest Franco and read him his rights. Kevin tells a hurt and betrayed Franco he had no choice. Nathan calls Anna and tells her they have Franco.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ava tells Sam all the evidence points to Silas.

Silas is sure Ava framed him.

Elizabeth asks Nikolas for advice about what she overheard.

Robert has a surprise for Robin.

Carly is sure Franco will find her.

Michael can’t believe Kiki continues to back Franco.

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