Sam explains to Molly and Rafe that it's not a good time when they arrive at the penthouse ready to celebrate Danny's homecoming. Silas comes downstairs shirtless. They admit that Danny crashed for the night after getting Silas' shirt wet with milk. Molly and Rafe leave to go eat and joke outside how they thought Sam and Silas were hooking up. They try not to think about how awkward it would be. Molly changes the subject and wants to know the deal between him and Taylor. Rafe needed someone to commiserate with. Inside, Sam offers to wash his shirt if he doesn't mind. Silas doesn't mind at all. He's agreeable when Sam wants to celebrate with a glass of wine. He complements her laugh and she admits she feels so relaxed. With Danny okay, she can get back to her ordinary life. Silas believes there's nothing ordinary about her and they kiss. Danny cries as they are about to go upstairs. By the time he is settled, Silas has to leave for the hospital.

Taylor comes into Kelly's and tries to strike up a conversation with TJ. He hasn't seen her around much since she's been spending so much time with her new boyfriend, Rafe. Taylor admits she has to get over him and has Rafe to commiserate with. Rafe and Molly arrive. Molly follows TJ to look at his gift for Danny. Alone, Rafe admits Taylor was right…her plan is working. Taylor knows they just have to keep it up to get what they want and kisses him when Molly and TJ return. They find the PDA 'so high school'.

At the Metro Court, Franco doesn't think it's a good idea for Derek to have dinner with Carly and tries to convince him that Carly is crazy. She went mad when she found out her son was sleeping with Ava. Derek doesn't know why Franco cares. Franco admits they may have feelings for each other. Derek confesses Carly asked him and he's going. Franco asks if Derek's sure he wants to cross him. Derek's surprised Franco's lawyer got him off for being a new man and leaves for dinner. Franco is yelling after him not to call him 'Mr. Franco' when Diane arrives. She has the contracts for his new show and is eager to see the new work Sebastian is so excited about. Franco spends too much time in his room and invites Diane to dinner. Upstairs, Alexis is interested in knowing more about Lucas' biological father, Julian Jerome, when she finds Carly in the restaurant. Carly doesn't think the family would want it advertised who Lucas' father was and wonders why it's important. Alexis shares her embarrassing story of hooking up with stranger that may have been Julian Jerome. She hopes Carly can convince Lucas to have a DNA test. Carly promises to run it by Bobbie for her, and then steps away to join her date. Alexis stares as Carly greets Derek. They both thank him for helping Danny before Alexis gets called away. Carly thought Alexis seemed weird but is distracted when Diane and Franco enter the restaurant. She watches Franco touch Diane's hand before kissing it gently. Carly responds by hinting that Derek is devastatingly handsome and touches his face. Diane's confused by Franco's actions and he offers to give her a percentage of his next show if she helps him. She tries to figure out what Franco wants but he expectantly stands up and kisses her passionately. Carly has enough and rushes over to break up the kiss. Derek sits alone smirking at the scene as Franco and Diane explain they're a couple. When Carly returns, Derek wants to explain his earlier encounter with Franco but Carly kisses him instead. Diane doesn't think Franco's plan to make Carly jealous is working. Derek knows the show is for Franco's benefit but doesn't mind. He kisses Carly back.

At the Falconeri's, Dante and Lulu present Maxie and Spinelli with adoption papers. They seem confused and Dante wonders why they think they were called there. Lulu expects that they will surrender their rights and offers them a pen eager to get this over before Connie wakes up from her nap. Spinelli and Maxie have decided to raise their baby as their own. Dante knew it. Lulu reminds them that they wanted them to keep Connie at the christening. Since they know the truth Maxie wants to raise the baby with Spinelli. Lulu threatens they will take Connie out of the house over her dead body. The circumstances haven't changed for Lulu and Dante asks them to leave before calling Alexis. When she arrives, she doesn't think a court would take Connie away from her biological mother.

Outside Kelly's, Spinelli calls Diane with Maxie by his side to seek her services.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick tells Elizabeth about his strong connection to Robin.

Jerry gives Robin the worst case scenario…if he dies, she dies.

Duke asks Olivia what's wrong.

Mac wonders where Anna had to go all of a sudden.

Anna visits Faison.

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